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Tuesday 10 February 2009

I'm a bad babysitter got ma boyfriend in your shower...

WOOP I'm making six bucks an hour.

OK so I'm not a babysitter but I don't know any songs about being a bad blogger!! I haven't been making much blog worthy food lately and my google reader has about 100 unread posts in it that I need to catch up on!!

I have got a few pics from the last week. Firstly, I made some more meetloaf (from Cozy Inside) but this time I stole Beck's idea of making mini ones in muffin tins - awesome idea!! Ps: these + good bread + reggae reggae ketchup = the best sandwich EVER!

I had them with roasted veggies. I forgot to take an after shot before here is the before one: beetroot, peppers, squtternut bosh, turnip, fennel & onion. YUM!

This is not very photogenic I know, but it's some soup I made last night. I threw the veggies that were half eaten in the fridge in a pot with some turmeric and veggie stock and it wasn't half bad. There was squash, potato, sweet potato, carrot, onion, garlic & peas.

Last night I made veggie hash for dinner. It was rad!! I added some tofu this time, as I had some to use up.

This is a bit of a lousy pic because it was the leftovers. For sunday dinner I made a sunday roast (forgot to take a pic!!) and this was dessert - a crumble. It had 2 huge mutha bramley apples, a punnet of blueberries & a couple of tbs of sugar in the filling and a thick layer of crumble topping. We had it with custard and it was ace.

I made these muffins on my second snow day (off work!). They were a bit too crispy cuz I don't know mum's oven yet. But they had hazelnuts and cranberries in. When I took a bite I realised I really outta make more things with hazelnuts in - they are good!

That's it for now, I'm off to catch up with my backlogged google reader!


  1. I must get round to trying that meatloaf recipe - everytime I see pix it looks so delish! I love crumble pudding - much less faff than pie - the blueberries make this one look lovely!!

  2. you say you haven't made any blogworthy food, then you show a ton of pics of blogworthy yumminess :)

    it's making me really hungry for dinner which I was 1/2 way through making, then took a break.

  3. That all looks so good! I have yet to make a decent meatloaf :)

  4. You always have the best post titles ever, Sal!

    All your food is definitely blog worthy! I love the tiny meetloaves! All your roasted yumminess and soup look amazing and so healthful!

    Hazelnuts are soooo yummy! Your muffins look fab!

  5. Hee hee hee I LOVE that title.
    All that food looks scrummy as always but that CRUMBLE!!!
    Ooooh yeah!
    And with Custard!!
    Not had Crumble in YEARS!

  6. I'm loving meatloaf, I am just about to start prepping some for my lunch. Nom, nom, nom, nom! What shape will I make it today I wonder?
    I need crumble now too, which is all your fault!
    Damn Sal, you've made me so hungry!

  7. Oh yes, hazelnuts are good :D

  8. where did you get that meatloaf recipe, again? i use my muffin tins to make tons of stuff. it never struck me to make meatless loaf that way.

  9. Oh why is there a channel between us? I'd love to hop over and have a "cozy" sandwich! And the muffin madness...come live with me and make our meals? Pretty please?

  10. hooray, Sal! i got superexcitedfaced when i saw you posted! wahooooooo!

    i have never thought of cooking with hazelnuts - and we have a BUNCH at home from over christmas. totally going to have to try throwing a few in some muffins or chopping them up for oatmeal or something. mmmmmm! your muffins look sooo good - and the crumble = awesome!

    i think the soup looks super tasty & i really love your veggie hash! the roasted veggie look stellar, too! i really need to get over my nonsense fear of fennel and get some to try out! i just need to be brave - or just suck it up! ahahahahaaa! i would eat all of those mini meetloaves in one sitting! ooooooh, yummers!

  11. so much goodness i can't handle it! love the mini meatloaf muffins and the other awesome muffins. mufftastic.

  12. All that food is totally blog worthy!!!

  13. Silly computer had a spack out just as I was posting my comment and it went bye bye!

    Anyway, I too am catching up on masses of blog posts. I have been reading the last several of yours I have missed and can I just say - YUM! I am particularly in love with your Chinese night. I must try the tinned duck you can get here again. I didn't like it from memory, but the last time I had it was so many years ago I think I was pre vegan!

    3D Jensen opens here on Thursday. Mmmmm. And then only two months until real life Jensen. *happy sigh*

    I am thinking I should maybe pick up some of this Reggae Reggae ketchup when I am over in England. ;)

  14. Hi, funny title.
    Love the meatloaf and the muffins.
    Some of the best soups are the ones you make from scratch. Yours looks very yummy to me!

  15. There's a whole lot of good looking food going on here, but of course I'm drawn to the muffins. Yum!

  16. Everything looks great! Especially those soon-to-be-roasted veggies. I need to start roasting more before it gets all warm and springy.


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