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Monday 23 February 2009

There's a hole in my stomach, dear doctor dear doctor

I for one will be glad when February’s over, because so far it’s kinda sucked. The last two weeks especially. Mainly cuz I just seem to have been ill a lot and I'm sure work stress is exacerbating that (ooh check me out with ma big words!!). Last week I was getting really bad pains in my chest & back; I’ve had them before and have always suffered with heartburn but this was worse than ever and went on for more than 12 hours!

The doc thinks I have a duodenal ulcer which is usually caused by an infection they can treat with antibiotics, I’m waiting to hear the results of the blood test on that one.

Then my workmate gave me his stupid lurgy (half the office have had it) and I’ve been feeling like death warmed up since Friday. So I’m “working from home” today.

Also, I’ve mentioned recently that work sucks – it’s because the economy is kicking our arse and me and some other colleagues are in the consultation period for redundancy, I find out Friday if I’m staying or going!

I’ve kind of lost my cooking mojo too. I dunno if it’s cuz it’s not MY kitchen anymore and there’s no music in there! But lately I don’t even want to bake all that much – what’s wrong with me!! Haha. Since I’ve been ill, I’m too lame to cook and this is about all I can muster up for lunch – yes. That IS a peanut butter & crisp sandwich. Told you I was lame.

A couple of meals I made before I caught the lurgy though.....

This was some tofu that I just dry fried then threw in some soy sauce and hot sauce and served on top of couscous mixed with some veggies. Boring but fast and tasty.

I made my dad & me pizza. I normally don’t do a yeast crust as I’m too lazy to leave it prove but I didn’t bother proving it and it worked fine! And more than that – it was awesome. I didn’t use a recipe cuz all my books are in the shed. So I threw 2½ cups of flour, 1 packet (7g) of fast action yeast, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp of sugar in a bowl. Then I mixed in 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 cup of warm water, kneeded it for a few minutes on a floury surface then just set it aside till I was ready to roll it out.

For the sauce I just whizzed up some tinned tomatoes and then I threw on mushrooms, sweetcorn, asparagus, peppers, red onion and Sheese Mozarella style then sprinkled it with oregano & black pepper. It was one superrad pizza! I'll be making the crust that way again!

I wanted quite a thin crust so there was some left over. I had this ‘great’ idea of making some garlic bread, but my mum’s oven is FIERCE and I really don’t know it yet - so I overcooked it a bit. It was, erm crispy! My dad still ate it though.

Anyway - it’s not all doom and gloom like I’m making it sound! I’m dogsitting this week for my friend who is celebrating her 30th in Vegas! So meet Luke – the scruffy boy. Isn’t he a cutie...

Here he is trying to stop me doing any work (like I need an excuse) by sleeping on my laptop. It’s a good thing I moved home really cuz I am certainly not up to walking him so my dad’s been having to look after him, bless him. I think he’s enjoying it – Luke has taken a shine to him and follows him round! He’s in with me for the nights, trying his best to take up the space in the bed by sleeping diagonally! And cuz I'm at home, he follows me wherever I sit and sniffle. In the evening though, he makes sure he is near dad.

So anyway – I need to try and get my mojo back as best I can until I have my own kitchen again; so when I’m better I’m making a playlist so I can listen to some tunes on my iPod while I’m cooking, hopefully that’ll make me wanna get back in the kitchen and rattle those pots n pans!! But I need help (as if you didn’t know that already) - I need suggestions. Suggest me some tunes please!!

I’m off to catch up with some blog reading then watch some bad daytime TV.


  1. Oh GOD Sal, I will keep my fingers crossed that you're not made redundant - that's a horrible thing to have hanging over your head at ANY time but especially while you're feeling crook!!
    Get better soon sweetie.
    That Pizza and Tofu look the BOMB but you know what mah favourite is doncha?
    Yep - Crisp sandwiches!!
    Though I'm not sure about the Peanut Butter - I will have to give that a try!
    Luke's a right little flufftykins!

    (((BIG HUGS)))

    Oooh ooh...we're off to the notary tonight to put a deposit down on our house!!!
    It's still not definitely ours though but things are looking good!!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling ill. And I hope everything works out with your job. I also wanted to add that everything looks delicious and I am intrigued by your sandwich!

  3. That's all pretty bad news, I am so sorry to hear this! I hope your health gets better reals soon and you won't lose your job.

  4. i hope you feel better soon! you'll definitely get your mojo back once the sickness goes. as for tunes... i find that some bon jovi is really great for cooking to. or maybe i'm just crazy.

  5. many hugs to you, Sal! sorry to hear about your job being kinda up in the air, that you're sick, and lost a bit of your mojo! i am hoping everything turns around and is awesome super soon!

    i think your tofu dish looks damn delicious! and that pizza?!? sweet awesomeness, Sal - it's loaded with so many yummies! mmmmmmmmmmm!

    i totally want a crisp sammie - now you've done it, Sal! ahahaha! yay!

    luke is the absolute cutest! that's so awesome that you're watching him! dogs are the best! they're great company & super funny, too! what's not to love about 'em! :)

  6. Oh man, I hope your blood tests come back okay and you can keep your job!!! Best wishes with both of those issues.

    And that pizza is making me super hungry! It's almost lunch time ... and now I need pizza!

  7. Sal, I'm so sorry you have been ill! I hope your blood tests come back OK!! My fingers are crossed for you!

    I'm so sorry about your job too! More fingers crossed for that too! Thankfully you have your parents to help you out!!

    I hope you get your mojo back soon. That is the crispiest and yummiest tofu ever, and your pizza looks extra thin and crispy! Awesomeness!

    Luke is such a scruffy little cutie pie! Aww, he's adorable sleeping on your laptop!

    Tunes? Man, I don't know. All the stuff I listen to is so old! I've been forcing myself to listen to some new stuff like Pink's "So what" and Fergie's "Fergalicious" while I exercise, but that's it!

    Feel better soon and get those pots and pans rattling!! :)

  8. i miss your mojo! that pizza gave me hope, though. :) hope you get to feeling better...

  9. Please feel better soon! And it's no fun being worried about the security of your job with all this economy business going on... The economy needs to get better soon too!

    I've never made my own pizza crust -- that pizza looks awwwesome! I've heard Sheese is good but I didn't get pulled into the vegan cheese thing until Teese came now I use that. Yum.

    And I love that picture of the couscous & tofu! It looks like it is a bunch of yummy French fries on top of a bed of vegetable couscous!!

  10. Hey you! Sorry things have been a pile of poo lately... we're not doing great as well... furloughs seem pretty inevitable and I'm not holding my breath in general. I hope all goes well for you (I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed!). On the upside your "not cooking" looks better than anything that's come out of my kitchen lately (that soup pic was old -_-)... I even tried boxed mac & chreese... utter failure... I'm like well I could have dumped nutritional yeast and soy milk over some noodles yuck... sending you hugs and well wishes!

    **oh yeah... and Luke... do your best to keep Sal's spirit up!


  11. Good grief, Sal, I hope you're not laid off! That's so crappy. My husband was laid off last August and still hasn't found's so scary. I do hope you feel better soon and at least you have that adorable Luke to keep you company for a little while!
    Oh, and I love your title!

  12. Oh no! I don't have an ulcer but I have bad reflux and I can sort of imagine the pain you are in :( I hope it's not an ulcer! And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your job!

    It's very easy to go on a blog holiday when you're sick (and hard sometimes to try and get back into it). Hope you're feeling all better soon.

    And that puppy is too adorable!

  13. Hope you feel better soon, and that everything else works out - on the bright side, the food looks good :) Never had a peanut butter and crisp sandwich, but the tofu couscous and pizza look fabulous. Be well!

  14. the dog you're dog-sitting is SOOOO adorable.
    soo so cute. haha i love small cute dogs like that :)
    hope you get your "cooking mojo" back!! i'm sure you will soon :)

  15. I hope you get to keep your job. this economy is really depressing and is stressing me out. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    I love having chips in my sandwiches. it adds a nice crunch. never had it on a pb sandwich though :)

    your pizza looks yummy. I've never made pizza dough, but if you can skip the proving, etc, I think I'll try it.

    it's nice of you to do some dog sitting. he's really cute!

    I go through cooking slumps too where I just don't want to do anything. then suddenly, it's over and I'm back in the kitchen. so take heart, you'll get over it.

  16. Here's hoping things start to look up soon... I'll have my fingers crossed for you!


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