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Tuesday 24 March 2009


.....A sheep with no lips!

Crap joke yes? Well that's about as entertaining as this post gets I'm afraid. I haven't blogged in over a week because I really haven't cooked anything pic worthy. I have mostly been coming home from work and just throwing some salad or similar along with whatever veggies mum & dad have had for dinner.

And what I do have is not great quality as I took them on my camera phone. I suck, I know. But on the plus side - I move in 4 days and once I'm in my own kitchen, my blogging should get back to being more regular and hopefully more intersting.

This was lunch last week at Wagamamas (again). This time I had the salad instead of my usual and it was spankingly awesome. The picture sucks but it had roasted onions, asparagus, aubergine, sweet potato, squash, radish, mushrooms and leaves with a great dressing.

We shared my usual side of edamame with chilli, garlic and salt. MMMM!

And roasted asparagus. This was my favourite thing, it was amazing. The sauce was soooo good and the sesame seeds. MMMM. This is my new favourite side dish, edamame - you're outta here!!

I haven't hung up my apron completely though, this was a lasagna I made us for dinner last week. It had spinach, butterbeans, mushrooms, onions and VCON Cashew Tofu Ricotta. That stuff seriously rocks socks. My dad made an 'ergh' face when I said tofu, but he loved it and had leftovers the next day.
My only complaint was that it needed more sauce. I like saucy lasagne. This pic is actually cold leftovers for lunch at work (hence cameraphone pic!!)

That's it until next week when I've moved in!! YAY!!


  1. i love roasted asparagus! its the best way to eat it!

  2. i've been having an off week for cooking as well... but that asparagus and the lasagna look yummy! good luck on your move :)

  3. i cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus! (i saw that on a far side cartoon once)

    yeah camera phones do make for crappy photos, BUT it is awfully convenient when you're without your phone. good work!

  4. That! I think lasagna is always better as leftovers. Kind of like pizza.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. I love that cashew tofu ricotta. Best stuff ever! And perfect in a lasagna.

  6. That cashew ricotta is some of the tastiest stuff I have ever eaten, I love it!

  7. i hear ya on love'n a saucy lasagna - but i definitely think yours looks awesome, Sal! never woulda thought to use butter beans in a lasagna! brilliant!

    the asparagus looks especially yummy - sesame seeds = the best! and i'd eat the hell outta that edamame, too! gotta love little yummy pods covered in sea salty goodness! huzzah!

    that's so awesome that you're moving into your new place soon! superw00t!

  8. Good luck moving. That's awesome to get a new kitchen to make magic in :)

  9. I think I need to go back to London to give wagamama's a second chance. it was good when we went, but I didn't see that awesome looking asparagus on the menu then.

    have a fun moving day. hopefully somebody brings you a big pile of cupcakes.

  10. Good luck with the move! And that lasagna looks awesome!

  11. Thanks, I've never worked with fondant icing before, I think I remember your carrots unless I'm being dizzy and thinking of another blog.. I'm tired today!! oohh you should chocolate coat your crunchie before putting it into the ice cream next time, that would be really yum!

  12. LOL is it sad that I thought your "crap" joke was hilarious?

  13. I love your sheep joke!! I love bad jokes, so I'm an easy public!
    That asparagus is making me wish I had some in my kitchen to roast right now! And lasagna is always a good idea (but I'm with you - lots of sauce, please!).
    Good luck for the big move!!

  14. good luck with the move, Sal!


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