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Sunday 15 March 2009

Handbags & Gladrags

I haven't been taking that many pics lately, mainly because I been eating a lot of meals that look like this and they tasty but they pretty boring! But this one was really good. It was just some baked tofu, with salad and a dressing made of tahini and miso and chilli sauce. I forget what else went in but it was good.

Last saturday, we went out to celebrate one of my best friend's 30th birthdays (the one I was dogsitting for last month!) We went for an Italian meal and I didn't fancy any of the vegan options on the menu. Actually I'm lying, there weren't any vegan options, but there were the usual things you can just ask them to take the cheese off. But as I said, didn't fancy those so I asked them to do me a salad and this is what they came up with and I have to say, I was REALLY impressed. It had roasted onions, peppers and courgettes, potatoes, rocket and a great dressing with chilli oil and balsamic vinegar.

I really wish I'd asked them how they did those potatoes, as I couldn't work it out but they were amazing. Seriously.

Birthday cake was my mango & coconut cake - which seems to be my friends' favourite as it's the one they always ask for. But when I was reading the recipe I realised it had a shit-tonne of oil in. So I cut it back to 1/4 cup and increased the soymilk to 1 cup, plus I used 1/4 cup of the mango syrup to make up the liquid content. I used tinned mango as I couldn't find a ripe enough fresh one (about half a tin / 1/2 cup finely chopped) and it was just as good. This mixture made for 15 cupcakes!

This was lunch the next day (when I was hungover from way too much Prosecco!!). I bought some falafel and made a tahini sauce and then served it with some tomato, grated carrot and a wholemeal pitta. Super yum!

Inside Shot!

I had some falafel left over and I made some bulgar wheat that I added a tin of tomatoes and some spices to. It was really good, but I didn't quite get the spcies right, so I'm gonna work on that one!
Like I said, I been eating a lot of salads for lunch lately and this was one I had at work last week. Really good! Rocket salad, sun dried tomatoes, chick peas, raw broccoli, carrots, cucumber.... with balsamic dressing and mixedseeds. Sorry for the crap pic, I took it on my phone, which doesn't seem to have any flash options.
During the week I really fancied some chocolate soymilk, but when I picked up the packets of Alpro I saw that one 250ml carton weighed in at over 700 calories! I thought that was unbelievable. So when I went home I made my own with light soy milk, a spoonful of cocoa, a dash of vanilla and a squeeze of agave nectar. Tasty, chocolatey and less than 100 cals! Which meant I could have an oreo. YAY to my friend for bringing me back oreos from Las Vegas - UK ones are not vegan.
Yesterday me, mum & dad hopped on the train to reading to do some shopping and have lunch. We were wondering around the oracle trying to find a veg-friendly restaurant when my dad spied a Wagamamas! HURRAH. I had my usual yasai itame (gorgeous spicy coconutty soup with loads of veggies, noodles and herbs - sooooo good) and a side of chilli/garlic/salt edamame. I snapped a pic of the soup on my camera phone! I've tried so many times to recreate this and I NEVER get anywhere near close!
Another bonus of going shopping with the parents (aside from them paying for lunch) - accessories!! Mum was buying a new bag and so was I and Debenhams were having a sale but you had to spend £50! Mum's bag was £49 and mine was £25 so she bought it for me! YAY. I really love Julien Macdonald's Star range. His bags are leather free - yay! And he does some awesomely trashy, sparkly shit that I just love. This pic doesn't begine to capture the gorgeous pretty blue/green of this bag. It's lovely. Mum thought I was mad and kind of turned her nose up!! haha

Lastly, today's dinner. I bought all the stuff to made lasagna but none of us could be bothered to wait for it. So I made a quick veggie casserole cuz mum fancied potatoes and something in gravy. But as I was cooking she knew it would have to be vegan, but they still really enjoyed it so I'm happy. It had fennel, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, red pepper, red onion and cauliflower. The sauce was just veggie stock, red wine, dried thyme & oregano and a good splash of vegan worcester sauce. Really good and lots of gravy to soak up with bread.

Oh and I know I promised a tattoo photo, but I'm very sad to say that the guy did such a shit job that I've had to book in with the place that did my first one so they can fix it! I wish I'd listened to my gut and gone there in the first place. However, I think it should be fairly simple to fix, so pics when it's all done next month!


  1. I absolutely love your new bag and all that food looks super yum!

  2. I love a bit of wasai itame myself when I'm at wagamamas too! Sorry your tattoo man made such an arse of it... I must admit I've always been extremely lucky with tats despite never going to the same place twice! And I love the look of that felafel wrap - stodgy, yummy goodness!

  3. oh man, Sal - sorry about the tattoo! i hope ya get it fixed all up the way you want it!

    i love a good salad for lunch as well. and your salads look damn delicious! i especially love the sound of your tahini-miso-chili sauce dressing. i'm gonna have to try something like that, fo 'sho!

    huzzah for some cute cuppies - mango = the best! mmmmmmmmm! and that's pretty darn awesome the place whipped up one fine salad for you - it looks mighty tasty, indeeds!

    now i want falafel, and coconutty soup sounds (and looks) like heaven in a bowl. ohhh my gosh - if you ever recreate that soup PLEASE post the recipe! holy batman, it looks so awesome!

    i love your new bag, too! superw00t! and also - sweet shit on some vegan oreos! now, not only do i want falafel, but i want oreos, too! ahahhahaha! yay!

  4. Hey Sal,

    Are you still planning on the Vegan Fayre in Brighton? I'd love to say hi if you are! I can't see an email address here, but if you want to email me on I can give you some contact details.

    I leave tomorrow! Eeeeep!

  5. love the bag! and the food, too!!!

  6. i'm not much of a purse gal but i carry one anyway because fanny packs make people look "special" not in a good way but y'know, special--right?

    i love your salads and cupcakes. i crown you cupcake queen.

  7. sorry to hear about your botched tattoo! that's happened to me before and it sucks so bad. it'll be awesome once you get it fixed i'm sure. so many healthy yummies this time around, sal! all those salads and such... i just had lunch but you have my tummy grumbling!

  8. I'm sorry about the evil tatoo dude - I've been lucky, but I want a new one, and it would be the first one in the town I currently live in, and I admit, I am a little nervous. I'm sure it'll be a-ok after a little touch up.
    I'm going to be dreaming of the mango coconut goodness all night - sounds like the most dreamy of cupcakes ever! And your bag is just rockin' - like all of your food, too. I just had dinner and I'm already hungry again!

  9. Sorry about your tattoo! But the food all looks delicious. I just learned what rocket was yesterday! I was listening to the Martha Stewart channel on Sirius radio, and they were interviewing an Australian chef. He kept saying rocket and someone asked him what that was and he said arugala. I like "rocket" much better! I think I'll start using that instead of arugala.

  10. I don't know how you could call any of those meals boring- Looks amazing to me!

    Sorry to hear about the tattoo, but don't worry, the same happened to me when I got my vegan bunny and I love it now (finally).

  11. that veggie salad looks great. i never get anything that good when i order an impromptu vegan meal.

    and nice bag, lady!

  12. WOW! the food you've been eating looks so amazing. I especially love the salad at the top of the post. very tasty. and the coconut soup is to die for.

    It also kills me how many calories are in flavored commercial soymilks.

    I love how you call Arugla "rocket" in the UK. it's such a tasty green that it deserves a cool name.

    shit-tonne :) I haven't heard that in so long!

    I think we have the same taste in glitzy handbags. very cool.

  13. Pretty cupcakes - the flavor combination sounds sunny and tropical!

    I can appreciate all those tasty meals of yours, especially the ones with tahini sauces!!!

    Sorry to hear about the tattoo troubles; I am excited to see the end result nonetheless!!!

  14. yum! you know i've never been to a wagamamas but i know they're around... now i'll have too! sorry about your tattoo... i've been so lucky as i always plan to make an appointment with someone i really love but always end up with someone else... i've never had a problem but i know things could be way worse. I hope it all goes well! I can't wait to see it!

  15. My husband's boss went to England last year and brought us back WAWAMAMA tshirts and a copy of their menu. Then I saw their cookbook at our local Japanese bookstore. I think they have one in New York. Hope they open one up in Southern California. THey would make a killing here with so many asians.

  16. Hi Sal, I made your mango and coconut cupcakes, just the way you said. Great recipe - they turned out deeelicious. x

  17. I love the deco job on your cupcakes.
    blaaaaah about the tat thing: hope they get it fixed to your liking asap. keep us posted.

  18. Sal-I love your idea to add the bulgar to the falafel/tomatoes! Wicked. Everything looks so good - and I AM licking the pic of those darn cuppies - you are awesome!


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