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Monday 8 June 2009

Birthday - 33 and a third!

Saturday night was the last of the 3 celebrations for my 30th and it was a joint celebration as my best friend's 30th birthday is exactly a week after mine (tomorrow) and tonight I'm cooking her a dinner for our celebration for that! So many dinners in June!!

Anyway, back to Saturday and we had a fantastic night. We went to a little spanish tapas restaurant, not far from where I live, called El Pic and then onto a local nightclub to dance to cheesy 80s crap until 2am!

The restaurant is a great place, a tiny hole in the wall but it has such great food and it's really got a great atmosphere, the owner is lovely and the staff are friendly. It was fab.

I booked the party menu for the omnis and I just had to pick out my dishes and I had.....

Habas Al Moro - broad beans with paprika, onions and herbs. DELICIOUS!!

Patatas Bravas - always my favourite tapas dish and they were gorgeous, really spicy and yummy.

Arroz Andaluz - vegetable paella

And ChampiƱones en Vino - mushrooms cooked in wine and garlic. These were soooo good but I forgot to take a pic till after I'd cherry-picked out most of the mushrooms. Just look at all that garlic!?!? I must have smelt GOOD! mmmm.

Here are a few pics from the night, if you want to see them all, go to the album on facebook.

Here's me (middle) with my 2 best friends - Maz (left) and Em (right).

Left to right: Vicki, Me, Kelly (pouting at the front), Maz, Em)

Me & the other birthday girl looking sexeh!

Oh and here is the gorgeous bunch of flowers my workmates had delivered to me at work last week. They were gorgeous and I was all happy until I started getting phone calls from Stannah stairlifts and plastic surgeons about my 'enquiries'!! They signed me up for a bunch of old people stuff and then when the calls came, they hid in the next room giggling like 5 year olds!! Boys!! I miss working with girls sometimes.

Bonus pics of last night's dinner. I had planned to make pizza but before i knew it, it was 8pm and I was still lying on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. So I scouted around the kitchen and saw half a baguette left. It reminded me of the frozen french bread pizzas we used to have when we were kids and so I gave it a go and it was awesome.

Just hollow the bread out a bit, spread it with tomato sauce (I used Reggae Reggae Love Apple Ketchup) and then put your toppings on. I had sweetcorn, orange pepper, tofu pieces, fresh tomato and nacho cheezly with a sprinkling of oregano, black pepper and nooch on the top. It was rad!



  1. You are so inventive! I love that bready thing at the end of the post. I must look for reggae reggae sauce... And I'm envious of those delicious looking tapas!
    Loved the joke your workmates played on you, but I'm evil like that!

  2. happy happy birthday!!!
    everything looks great.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    That all looks so delicious!

  4. Happy birthday!!! Ya'll are all so cute!

    Those broad beans (which I'm pretty sure I've never tried) look amazing. And I used to love French bread pizzas when I was a kid too, so I should try making my own.

  5. french bread pizzas! those take me way back to elementary school lunches, haha... they look fabulous :) and your tapas dinner looks delicious as well. yay for lots of happy birthday dinners!

  6. sounds and looks like a great time! i remember the frozen french bread pizzas i ate before i started eating healthier...never thought to make my own!

  7. Those tapas look amazing! Yum. I love me some mushrooms.

    Happy birthday!

  8. hooray for another glorious birthday celebration, Sal! that’s so awesome on it being a joint one, too – yay! tapas = the best and cheezy 80’s music is as well! everything looks super delicious – i’ve never had paella before – totally gotta try some! the mushies sound most excellent as well! you guys all look great - what an awesome evening of fun! your workmates are just too sweet and that’s too funny on the joke they played on ya! tee hee! now i want french bread pizza – it looks & sounds rad, indeed!

  9. I'm loving that you went for Spanish food - it all looks FAB!
    I used to make French Bread Pizzas quite a lot and they were always really scrummy - not had them in ages.
    Glad you had a wicked birthday!

  10. It looks like you had an awesome 3rd 30th! And such fabulous food! Yum!!!

    Gorgeous flowers too, and I'm really sorry, but I got a laugh out of the phone call idea ;)

  11. What a wonderful celebration!! Happy belated birthday to you!

  12. Happy Birthday! I think the more birthdays you've had, the more parties you get!

  13. Tapas are so fun! Looks like the food and the celebration were both awesome :)

  14. Right on for more celebrations! I love all the photos - you sexy birthday goddesses!!!
    I'm feeling so uninspired for dinner tonight...I'm sure I could use some of your creativity!

  15. your bday party #3 looks and sounds like it was a blast. I love tapas, it's been years since I've known of a place that serves them here.

    The pizza bread looks really really good and crunchy. I'm so hungry right now!

  16. ooo... i love pizza breads! we make them all the time from baguettes or hoagies.

    your birthday was the ultimate smash, for sure!

  17. I've never had broad beans, but that first dish looks so fantastic, I really want to try them now! Of course, all the other food looks really good, too.

  18. happy belated birthday, sal. i've really missed you and your wackiness. i hope you had a special day. btw, you're my baby brother's age!

  19. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY SAL!! Everything sounds fabulous!!! I've so been eyeing Fava Beans at the store but have never had them and didn't really know what to do with them but I think I know now!!!

    YUMMO!!!! *Attacks Alien with Dino Birthday Hug*

  20. What a great b-day celebration!!

  21. great food--looks fantastic!! :)

  22. Man the baguette pizza looks delicious!! Well so do the rest of the goodies :)

  23. Wheee someone checked my blog! :) So I just checked you parcel tracking online and it says they attempted delivery today and left a notice card! Awesome! That was fast. I'm a wee bit concerned because I left the charger for my mobile in Vancouver and won't be getting it back until next week, so if they call me I won't be able to be reached. Do you have a tracking number or something so I can keep an eye on it? The worst thing would be if they sent it back to you after our mini-shipping fortunes! Or if they made me go to Vancouver to pick it up at a depot, which happened once before because the island I live on is so small.


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