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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Wore it Wednesday: Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl Collection

My wore it wednesday this week is courtesy of the Concrete Minerals' Zombie Girl Collection. I believe this came out last year and I ordered it AGES ago but really haven't used it much. But look... it's so cute!!

I decided to use the purples, which is fatal because purple is notoriously hard to pick up with a digital camera; especially if there's lots of blue in it, it will just look blue! As it does below.

If you have a look at this link, there's some swatches of the colours.  I used Quarantine on the lid, over a white base, Nightmare mixed with Illamasqua Sealing Gel (CV) as my eyeliner and Blood & Guts in the crease. I probably should've used Graveyard instead because B&G was way too reddy and I spent ages trying to blend it down and take off some of the warmness with my Makeup Revolution Matte Palette (AV).

But it was still a pretty cool look in the end.

I paired it with the light pink Beauty UK Lip Vinyl (AV), which I think it's called Privilege, it's hard to tell from the colours on their website.

I bought the Zombie Girl set direct from Concrete Minerals' website because it was sold out at the time here and I'm impatient. You can get it in the UK from Cutecosmetics (and you won't have to pay import charges like I did!).

Bonus dumb selfie of the post....

Happy humpday!

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Sal xXx

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