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Thursday 12 November 2015


So I wanna talk about a couple of sweet snacky things we've bought recently that are delicious and you need to try them too.

Firstly, you've probably seen these on every UK based vegan facebook group over the last month or so - Frozen vegan churros! YASSSSS!! They have hazelnut chocolate filling inside, you bake them and then roll them in the cinnamon sugar. They are DELICIOUS. Each one is pretty small, it's not difficult to polish off a box between you and whoever is lucky to be sitting next to you at the time.

They are from Tesco and sadly I think they're limited edition as they're in Christmas packaging. They're £2 for a box of 12 mini churros. Definitely worth grabbing a couple (OR TEN!!) boxes and hoarding them like a crazy person.

The next thing you need to try was a find that Simon discovered in Costco (don't you just love Costco!). These are salty pretzels covered in chocolate and they are amazing. We scarfed most of this bag quicker than I'd care to admit and won't be buying anymore for a while because we cannot control ourselves with them (or with the maple twists they sell which are also great but I don't have a photo of them!).

Tell me what snacks you've been loving lately?

Sal xXx


  1. In the states there is a special holiday bark thins that have little bits of candy cane in them... or maybe it isn't seasonal and it is just mint chocolate, but it gets me in the holiday spirit XD

  2. Those churros! I've just drafted up a blog post about them. We had them with a dipping sauce too but shared between 3 so it didn't seem too naughty. I notice you got more than 12 in the box too. We got 14 which seems to be the norm from reading on Facebook but you got 15!!! Wonder if Tesco have realised yet :)

    1. oh god I didn't count them I just troughed them! hahahaha. even worse. So worth it though! :)

  3. These both look so good! I wish we could get both of these, though I think salty pretzels in dark chocolate probably win my heart the most.

  4. I have been loving itter chocolate with marzipan. It's my favorite sweet snack after dinner.The dark chocolate covered pretzels really speak my name!

  5. Gah, I miss fun snacks! I've been eating a whole lot of fruit and dreaming of chocolate!


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