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Monday 14 March 2016

Handmade Burger Co

So I've been seeing on various facebook groups for a while now that the Handmade Burger Co has vegan options! Simon and I had a day off work on Friday so we went on a day trip to Reading to find our nearest one.

We are fans of GBK, but their recent idiotic advertising shitstorm and the fact that they seem to have less and less vegan options lately, made us want to try elsewhere.

Back to HBC. They have 7 vegetarian options and 5 of them are vegan! Winners. Also, their fries are vegan and although their onion rings are not labelled veggie or vegan, I looked it up on their allergen menu and it's not because of any ingredients, but because they share a fryer with some non vegan items. If (like me) cross-contamination doesn't really worry you, the onion rings are fair game.

The 2 chilli sauces on the table are also labelled vegan

I went with the veg-mex. I was seduced by the idea of salsa and guac on my burger hahah. It was delicious and I loved the lime on a stick garnish!

I went for Peri Peri seasoned fries to go with it. The seasoning was awesome (really spicy) but the chips I must admit are not as good as GBK's - they were a little bit over-cooked though maybe.

All in all we liked Handmade Burger Co. Simon really enjoyed his burger but not the sides so much. We have 2 GBKs much nearer to us, so I'm not sure that we would always make the extra effort to travel all the way to Reading just for a burger. But it was good and I wouldn't hesitate about eating here again - after all, there are still 4 more burgers for me to try!! :)

Have a good week everyone.



  1. falafel + salsa - interesting mashup. i love/wish more burger places had a vegan option! sometimes you just want a good burger and fries.

  2. I remember hearing about this place during the GBK advertising debacle. I love that they have so many vegan options (although it looks like they all have chilli / peppers right?) and they they did a deal on vegan options during Veganuaryj. That's super cool!

  3. Mmm... burgers and chips. Sounds fun! I would like to try the rosemary chips and I think the sweet potato and bean burger.

  4. Those fries look delish! I love peri-peri seasoning!

  5. YUM! Those fries look amazing!! And that burger! I could go for a burger right now.

  6. I like when places don't list vegan dishes if they are shared in a fryer. It shows they are sensitive to what the term means. But like you, I tend not to care about the shared fryer.


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