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Friday 4 March 2016


I recently was contacted by a company called Nutriseed, asking if I'd like some try out some of their raw vegan goodies and it came at the perfect time for me, when I'm trying to eat a bit healthier and eat less processed food. Also no one ever sends me free stuff so I was of course going to say yes.

Now you guys know that I'm not a health blogger, by any stretch of the imagination and I never will be. However, I am getting a bit older, a bit wider and some old stomach issues are starting to raise their ugly head again! I can't eat the way I used to when I was younger, so some changes have to be made and some new recipes learned. I am hoping this gives me the little kick I need to dig out some of my healthier cook books and explore some new recipes.

Anyway, a bit about the company, here is Nutriseed's Website; as soon as you go on the site, you get a pop up to sign up for a 10% discount on your first order.

Everything is raw and unprocessed and pretty sure everything is vegan too. They have a recipe section too, which looks to be member submitted so it's not 100% vegan recipes, but there are some on there.

They have a LOT of choice, from seeds and protein powders and teas, to raw butters and green powders! Things I've pretty much only seen on healthy youtuber's videos hehe. Things that peak my interest for sure.

When I decided to start trying to add some better ingredients into my diet, I went to about 6 different shops to get things like maca powder, hemp seeds, raw cacao... etc. You can find all this stuff in one place here and get it all sent in a funky box like this:

So firstly, I'm going to tell you what they sent me and the cost of each in comparison to these items from other retailers, cuz I know you're asking yourself, "is it worth it?", at least I know I was.

Chia Seeds
250g will cost you £3.49 from Nutriseed. I bought mine from Holland and Barrett and they cost me about £2.50 for 100g and I've seen some ridiculous prices on other brands of chia seeds!

Raw Cocoa Powder
200g is £4.99 from Nutriseed. Doing a quick search on amazon, most smaller amounts of cacao powder (200g ish) are a bit more expensive than this, running at about £6-7. The cacao powder I bought previously from amazon was a bigger bag, 500g and it goes for £7.95; 500g of raw cocoa powder on Nutriseed is £5.99.

Wheatgrass Powder
250g is £4.99 on Nutriseed, and the average price on amazon for this much was about £8-9.

Acai Powder
100g is £9.99 on Nutriseed. I did find a cheaper one on amazon for £6.89, but a lot were coming up as at least £11.

So price wise, as someone who d'm oesn't really have a clue how much these types of things cost, a quick comparison with H&B or Amazon (just of the items they sent me) shows that the Nutriseed prices are better overall. Also, I love that you can get everything in a one-stop shop and there's a lot of choice.

I am a bit daunted by a couple of things... not so much with the chia seeds and cocoa powder, I'm already a fan of those in smoothies and puddings etc. and I have already used the chia seeds in some granola this week. Next up I'm going to try making some chocolate chia pudding, as I've only ever had store bought before.

However, the Acai powder, I really know nothing about and the Wheatgrass just keeps conjuring up images of that Sex and the City episode where Samantha makes her man take wheatgrass shots to make him 'taste better' shall we say. Bahahaha. But I'm game to try.  I'll probably try both those powders in smoothies to start with or muffins - anyone have any suggestions for me?

Big thank you to Nutriseed for the loot and hope everyone has an awesome weekend.



  1. Those are some really great prices! I wish I could help you with the acai and wheatgrass. I've tried both and not had the greatest luck. I went the smoothie route just to use them up,but I wasn't really a fan of either.

  2. Acai is my favourite in smoothies, I add a couple of tablespoons to soya milk, a banana and a handful of strawberries. So good! Wheatgrass on the other hand is the devil's work!

  3. I have had acai in smoothies and bowls when I have been out, but I think it has always been the frozen pulp, which is how I have seen it sold. I imagine you could add the poweder to smoothies in a similar way, but would be fun for baking! Would it make things purple?

    1. hmmm, I will try making some muffins with it to see!

  4. Ooof wheatgrass. It can be okay blended in a smoothie. I would recommend putting a small amount in, like 1/4 tsp, then work your way up adding more until you think the taste is affecting the smoothie too much. Otherwise you can just blend with water and take shots. Usually you do it on an empty tummy, so it is a nice thing to make and drink before you start your breakfast.

    Acai powder is something new to me too. I had some acai bowls and they are pretty tasty. I think it would taste good in sweets. Like raw protein balls rolled in acai powder, cakes, bars, banana ice cream etc. Smoothies would taste good with it too.

    1. I'm gonna try a wheatgrass shot... For the sake of science haha

      Good ideas for the acai as well, thanks 😀

  5. Haha, I remember reading that wheatgrass is proper good for you and thinking about the same satc scene. I think I paid about a tenner for 250g in H & B but the stuff tastes like hell. If you find any good ways of masking the flavour let us know!


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