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Tuesday 11 March 2008

B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful

I have to admit, I was never really a lush fan, but it was probably more bitterness at their creativity and inventiveness making my attempts at bodycare products look shitter than jeff goldblum in, well any movie he’s ever been in I guess.

But anyhoo, I discovered their offshoot – B Never ...... (fuck me that is a long old name they came up with!!) at Clothes Show last year. I’d sort of heard of them and knew they were related to Lush so were likely to be vegan friendly and had a lovely chat with an awesome pink haired vegan chick about their products. I ended up buying 3 eye shadows and an eyeshadow brush. Since then I’ve spent too much money ordering stuff from them online.

I really recommend checking them out if you haven’t before. They have a great range of colours, all the make up is vegan and they deliver to your door in a couple of days. AND everything comes in really cute jewelled, glittery pots, even the brushes are glittery and jewelled – they are so cute!

They do vegan mascara too, which I think is impossible to come by in the shops? I’ve ordered a couple of other vegan mascaras online too so do a comparison which I’ll post too.

In the meantime, get your arse to their website and order some cream eyeshadows – they stay put all day, don’t crease and there are loads of really cute colours.

Ok I’ve raved enough, I’m geting a headache. So here’s just a little piccie of my last little B Never haul.

Straight out the box


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