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Friday 21 March 2008

Must. Stop. Baking!

Been baking way too much lately!!

I had some fruit in my fridge that was going soft! So the mango got turned into this.....

Mango & Coconut Cake:

Nectarines became muffins:
These skanky bananas.....
.... became un-skanky banana and peanut butter muffins:
And today I made this chocolate cake for Easter. I was heartbroken when i arrived at my parents house and it had split down the middle! but a bit of creative frosting and it looked almost as good as this picture! It tasted good too!
And I've been loving playing around with the spicy italian seitan sausage recipe from the Everday Dish website and I came up with a really savoury (non-spicy) variation, that I love so much, I've been putting in loads of stuff:

Today's brunch - scramble!

Sausage casserole with kale and romanesco

With pasta and spicy tomato/veggie sauce

In macaroni 'cheese'

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