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Thursday 13 March 2008

wtf is that weird looking shit?

I was in waitrose yesterday (which I normally don't go in cuz it's too chuffin expensive!) and I saw these crazy looking suckas and had to have them.
They are called Romanesco - I didn't even know what they were but a google search confirmed they were part of the cauliflower family so I steamed them till they were just cooked, but still nice and firm, smothered them in vegan 'cheese' sauce and served with some baked tofu that was super yum. It was a really really good meal and I'm glad there were two in the packet, but now I have to think of something to do with the other one!!


  1. We saw those the other day. They're like edible mandelbrots.

    Do they taste anu different to normal cauliflower?

  2. They taste pretty much the same really, just a bit less mushy!


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