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Sunday 24 August 2008

Just gimme 1 rib. I'm pretty hungry!

What I love most about bank holiday weekends is having time to cook awesome food. I started with turning this lot .....

Into this.... This is veggie hash with some pesto grilled portobellos. I got the inspiration from THIS recipe. Mmm mmm, it was seriously good!

Lunch on Saturday - I made the quick creamy tomato & basil pasta from veganyumyum again but this time I had the basil. Twice in one week - this recipe is a good one!! Awesome with tiger bread! :)

I also made granola. I felt the need to put goji berries in something as I have a massive bag of them and haven't used them in ages!

I also made ginger & lemon muffins. They have a double dose of ginger from ginger jam and fresh root ginger in them. They are good but I think they need to be even more gingery so I'm going to try again so I can post a better recipe!

Finally, onto today's dinner. I have been eyeing this recipe for ages and finally had time to do it. They are Susan's Barbecue Ribz from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. They are REALLY good except that I think the 25 minute baking time was too long (in my oven anyway) and they stuck to my griddle pan like shit to a blanket! I have half of them left to experiment with again tomorrow, I think I just need to use the grill or a better pan to cook them in. I had some homemade barbecue sauce in the fridge already to use up. This isn't the best picture I'm afraid but I was hungry! You can't see from this angle but they do actually quite look like ribs!

Cooking (today) to: Del Amitri - Change Everything


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and man does that chow look good.

    I must try those ribs!

  2. damn, Sal! you've been cook'n up a storm! and you're making me hungry as hell over here! ;)

    i love vegan yumyum's pasta - it's sooo awesome, and easy, too! your muffins & granola look sweet! i love your veggie hash, too! maybe i'll try my hand at making some this evening. mmmmmmmmmm! it's good to know that those ribz are good - i had seen them but was a little intimidated by them - they look too good for me to be scared of 'em any longer!
    yay for all of your deliciousnesses!

  3. So much food!1 I've been wanting to make those ribs and veganyumyums creamy sauce for quite awhile now. I'll have to do something about that next week!

  4. Such good food! I especially love the ribz shot! Even though I have a ribz recipe that I love, I'll have to give Susan's version a shot.


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