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Sunday 31 August 2008

Trashy Foodz

I did a little baking this weekend, but more on that in a bit. Mostly I have eaten trash this week so I think a week of salads and stir fries awaits me!

The day after my last post, I cooked up the remainder of the ribz and this time did them in a regular non-stick frying pan and they worked MUCH better. I just served them with some greens sauted with spring onion and garlic. mmmm.

For lunch on Thursday & Friday, I made some spicy carrot soup. I know it's still technically summer (for about 3 more hours anyway) but the weather in this country sucks so I decided on soup instead of salad. Please don't laugh at my rubbish effort of a chef-y (read: tossy!) swirl of soya cream on top! I went a bit trigger happy on the pepper so it was a tad over-spicy but when I get it right, I'll post the recipe.

Friday's dinner, I was in the mood for some trash! So I cooked up some Hot Damn & Hell Yeah's Country Fried Tofu (although I think the original recipe has breadcrumbs and mine didn't), with some chipped potatoes baked with sea salt, thyme, olive oil and paprika and some mushy peas.

So onto the baking then. My friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and she requested bran muffins (most people want cupcakes, but noooo) and bran muffins she got. We even stuck a candle in it, lit it an sang happy birthday! I used this recipe but I added 2 defrosted frozen bananas to the wet ingredients as well.

But what kind of friend would I be if I only provided healthy snacks for a birthday? The type the other guests would not be best pleased with! So I made VCTOtW basic vanilla cupcakes and I came up with a new peanut butter/choc frosting recipe. I wanted something soft enough to spread, not pipe and not be sickly sweet like butter cream and this came out perfect! huzzah.....

....only there was way too much of it for 12 cupcakes! So what to do with the rest? Make another batch of golden vanilla batter, pour it in a sheet tin and make one big choc/pb cake to take to work tomorrow. Good plan.

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the food, but I also made a couple of salads and a tofu dish to go with the potato wedges and mushrooms that my friend bought (and some disgusting processed chicken things and fishcakes for the omnis).

When I got home today, I wanted something quick so I cooked up some tofu in barbecue sauce, put it on a ciabatta roll with a tofutti slice and some gherkin and it rocked! TRASH!

For dinner, I had another go at veggie hash. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper, mushrooms & peas. YUM!

That's all folks.

Cooking to: (Cupcakes) Matchbox 20 - Mad Season / (today's dinner) DVD: Season 2 of Alias


  1. Oh wow, all your food that you've made looks fab! I'll definitely take the recipe for the soup when you give it out, it looks really yummy and I'm really into soup at the minute!

    You mentioned on my blog that your chilli plant is refusing to grow chillies... mine too! >_< But at least I can be content eating all my other veggies =)

  2. Holy crap! I love all that trash too, especially the BBQ tofu sandwich!

    Is Hot Damn & Hell Yeah worth buying? I've heard mixed reviews, but I really like that kind of "home cookin'"/comfort food type stuff.

  3. It is worth buying yeah. It's got some decent recipes in and it's pretty cheap. It's worth it for the lentil burger recipe alone - those things rock hard!

  4. oh my goodness, Sal - i love it all! your posts always make me so damn hunnnnngry! mmmmmm! the fried tofu looks perfect - and i need to make some of those ribz! that's too funny that your friend wanted bran muffins (they're actually my favorite kind, too! ahahahahaahaa!) - and that's so great that you made cuppycakes for everyone, too! that's a lot of baking! wow!

    hooray for more veg hash - and hooray for the bbq + tofu! yay!


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