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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Wish me luck!!

Tonight I'm going to London and tomorrow and Friday I sit my NEBOSH exams. I'm now entering panic mode and starting to worry that I'll never know everything I need to know.

These exams mean a lot to me and my job and I haven't sat exams in years. Well I have, but none this difficult or scary.

I'm trying to stay positive and hope that I can waffle my way to a pass mark if I forget things.

Wish me luck and I'll be back with food pics over the weekend. Or maybe just pictures of commiseration cocktails!!


  1. good luck, Sal! i've got positive thoughts and fingers crossed for you! not that you'll need them - 'cause i know you're gonna do just fine! but just in case you need 'em! :)

    see ya when you get back! and good luck again!

  2. Don't worry, it'll all come back to you. Good luck! :o)


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