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Monday 8 September 2008

Do these tacos taste funny to you?

HURRAH! Exams are over and now I can chill out and get excited about leaving for a week in Cyprus in 13 days!

I actually had a good trip to London. My hotel room was bigger than my flat (and I'm not exaggerating) and had a nice view of the London eye and the river. I took some pics on my phone, will post them when I work out how to get them off the phone!

I also had 2 good meals! TWO! And one bad one, but I'll not say any more about that. The good - a lovely italian meal, where they made me a risotto with loads of fresh greens like spinach, peas, green beans and asparagus! YUM (wish I'd taken my camera!) And then dinner at Wagamamas - one day I will manage to recreate yasai itame. One day it WILL happen!!

But back to food I cooked. Some of these are from the week before I went and some are from after I got back on Friday.

Firstly, my adventure with tacos!! I have never made tacos before and they were quite possibly the messiest thing I have ever cooked!! I bought some taco shells and some chipolte paste (awesome stuff) and decided to have a go.

I forgot to buy lettuce, didn't have any soy cheese or vegan sour cream. But anyway, I knocked up a filling made of tomatoes, spices, onions, peppers, tofu and cannelini beans, some home-made salsa and a blob of mayola. The stupid taco shells didn't stand up so filling them was interesting and getting a photo was almost impossible. This messy bugger is about as good as I could get.

They were flippin tasty though!

This post wouldn't be right without some baking! I made wheat-free lemon & poppy seed muffins for breakfasts this week. I am planning to try these again with some different flour, because they were a bit powdery and I'm not sure why yet. The flavour is spot on though - it's just the texture.

Last night's dinner - tofu & veggies in a spicy tomato sauce with cous cous. MMMMM!

Last week - I fancied pasta bolognaise, so I went for a mushroom bolognaise. This lot .....

... became this:

Saturday's breakfast! Potatoes roasted with some olive oil, oregano & paprika, with a tofu scramble that I threw some fresh tomato and basil into right at the end.

Saturday's dinner: a REALLY spicy stir fry with fresh chilli, ginger, brown rice and a peanutty sauce that I threw together. Was sooo good.

That's all for now.


  1. glad your trip to London was a good one, Sal! hooray for 2 tasty meals this time!

    i've never had pasta bolognaise! i always hear about it, but never made my own. tacos = messy in our house, too! every time i pick them up everything inside just drops out. it's both frustrating and tasty! ahahahahaha!

    i love your roasted pine nuts on the coucous, and the stir fry looks freak'n amazing! i'm a sucker for peanut sauce - mmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. I find tacos messy too- wraps are much easier. A love chipolte paste, I have a mini addiction to it right now, I spread it on pita bread then put loads of cream cheese on top and grill the whole lot. Yum!

  3. Yay! That's funny about your luxury accommodations. Did you get too spoiled by them?

    Everything looks delish, but I am especially loving you for putting mayo on tacos!

  4. It definitely was not luxury! But was as good as the Premier Travel Inn gets!! It has made me wish for a bit more living space though! :)


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