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Sunday 28 September 2008

I'm back. And I'm cold!

I'm back from beautiful cyprus and am wishing that I was still lounging on a lilo in the pool with a mojito, instead of thinking about going back to work and no doubt a fistful of shit landing on my desk as it always does when I've been away.

But anyway, I managed to take some food pics while I was away (and got really REEEEALLY bored of replying "IT'S FOR MY FOOD BLOG!!" everytime someone asked/ why I was taking pictures).

Pasta primavera - no cheese.

Dolmades - rice and veggies wrapped in vine leaves - SOOOO Yum!Inside shot of the dolmades

Vegetarian platter 1 - loads of grilled veggies, plus the usual side order of chips AND rice.

Vegetarian platter 2 - veggies stuffed with rice and the bestest roast potatoes in the world EVER!

Amazing local bread with cumin seeds on top and fresh hummus

Sal & Em style

Sweeties, ignoree the pink and white ones though - they had dirty gelatine in so I didn't eat those!

Some rice salad my mum made to go with the barbecue we had, with some garlic bread and spring rolls also visible.

And lastly - the stuff I couldn't leave behind: gorgeous pittas, pasta, limes, veggie stock cubes and tinned tomatoes and a tin of hummus! Never seen tinned hummus - will get back to you on whether or not it's rank!

Lastly - a quick shameless plug to say please go vote for my cupcake!! There's only a couple of days left.


  1. MMMM..I love dolmades! I've never had them with a sauce though. I'll have to try them that way next time.

  2. This makes me want to be back in Greece. I'm going to have to make a themed meal to curb the craving.
    It is sooo hard to be back at work after vacation. It's been 4 months and I'm still not totally mentally back.

  3. welcome back, Sal! glad you had so much fun - and hooray for mojitos! mmmmmmmmmmmm!

    the dolmas look soooooo freak'n awesome, and the stuffed veggies, the roasted potatoes, chips, grilled veggies, local bread - damn - that's some awesome food! thanks for sharing, Sal! and i hope work isn't too overwhelming this week for you. i know getting back from vacay = crap @ work to deal with. grrrrrrrr.

  4. All that food looks delicious! Especially your mom's rice, I have to say! Can I come over? :P

    I already voted for your genious cupcake creation!

  5. Yeah my mum makes good rice! I think she made it about once a week when I lived at home.


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