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Friday 12 December 2008

Stupid lurgy

I'm ill! Boooooo. Mega booooo! I blame my stupid workmates for all being ill over the last week or so and passing it on to me. Horrible evil stupid workmates with their skanky lurgy!

And what pisses me off more than being ill - feeling too shit to go to the Fratellis' concert last night and missing my work xmas party today.

I hardly ever get ill, thank god because it is so boring sitting at home when you're ill - all I've done is watch Alias, eat comfort food and drink lots of hot water with lemon, ginger & agave stirred in.

Comfort food for me is squishy white bread, mashed potatoes and soup. So yesterday for dinner I had the last of my seitan, breaded in coarsely ground matzohs and baked and served with some smashed taters and bbq sauce.

Today I combined potatoes and soup and made baked potato soup. I remember seeing a recipe on, but it had soy cheese and other stuff I don't like in it. So I decided to wing and so have no exact recipe. I'd give approximates, but it wasn't quite right - too oniony. Don't get me wrong, it was nice but it needs work so I'm gonna have another go tomorrow so - hopefully I'll have a recipe next time! I threw half the baked potato skins on top of the soup, as it would have been wrong of me to bin them. The other half I just ate with some margarine and a sprinkle of salt. Sometimes I think the best bit of a baked potato is the skin!

Breakfast was just a thick watch of tiger bread with speculoos spread. I ordered this stuff after seeing Mandee's blog post and thread on the PPK and knew I had to have it. God, it is soooo good. Totally worth the £5 shipping!! :) I'm thinking it would be amazing spread between a couple of shorbread cookies!!

And here is my christmas tree. This pic is a bit crap, it is prettier in real life, even though I'm rubbish at decorating Christmas trees!

I'm off to watch the last Alias DVD of S3.


  1. Aw! I hope you feel better. Your comfort food looks like it will help!

  2. and...

    You have received a proximidade award

  3. man that's an impressive menu for being sick! Hope you feel better!! Tell you skanky skanky workmates not to breath on you! :)

  4. Feel better soon dude. Missing the Fratellis?! You are sick! (they're not my usual choice of music but I bought T.V the album and I'm now a closet fan...except that I just outed myself. Doh!)
    I'm with you all the way on the comfort food. And your seitan looks delicious! I best trawl your archives to see if there is a recipe/link.
    Get well soon buddy~ vegan it better >;o)

  5. Oh no! Feel better soon!
    (Although there is ONE good thing about being sick, and that's the soup!)

  6. oh shit, Sal - sorry to hear you're ill. that blows! squishy white bread is one of my comfort foodz, too - so are mashed potatoes, actually. i love mashed potato sammies on white bread with peas & sauteed mushrooms. mmmmmmmm! so awesome!

    your breaded seitan looks divine! sorry the soup was too oniony. i've gotta agree that potato skins are rock'n! i love to smother them in margarine, too - oh-so yummy!

    feel better fast, and i'm sending you some "get well soon" hugs! squeeeeeeeeee!

  7. ohh.. i hope you feel better soon! at least it looks like you're eating well :) my favorite bit of the potato is the skin, for sure, by the way.

  8. Why did matzo meal as seitan-breading never occur to me before? It looks so golden and delicious.

  9. Missing the Fratellis!!!
    Damn that sucks mega big poopy.
    Feel better soon - though eating all that yummy grub will get your immune system fighting off those lurgy germs in no time!!


  10. Hope you feel better soon. :(

    I NEED to try that speculoos spread!!

  11. Shite- feel better! We have similar tastes in comfort food! I'm fighting an evil throat thing...maybe some of your soup will help me to feel better?

  12. Poor Sal, I hope you feel better too. And I LUB the Fratellis. what a shame you missed seeing them.

    I am glad you have the Speculoos spread to get you through bein sick, isn't it yum? And you are right, it would go well in a cookie sammige!

  13. sorry you are sickies. stupid illness. but those are some definitely yummy comfy foods!

  14. That comfort food looks SO DAMN GOOD! Hope you feel better soon - bummer about the fratellis!

  15. sorry you're sick! a speedy r'fuah and schlemach for you. that's a complete healing of body, mind, and spirit in hebrew.

    btw. mashed taters are my go-to sick food as well. i like to mix in salsa for a little kick.

  16. Aww, Sal, I hope you feel better soon! Sucks that you had to miss all the fun.

    You make the best "sick food"! Next time I'm sick I'm coming right over!

    YAY for Christmas trees! I love the huge star on top of it!

  17. I'm totally drooling over that spekuloos spread... It sounds incredible!

  18. oh crap, feel better soon, dear!


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