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Tuesday 30 December 2008

So I didn’t find Jensen under my tree.....

..... but I did find Vinny, E, Drama, Turtle & Ari – so I’m still pretty happy!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thingymas!?? Mine was pretty quiet but lovely and I made every muscle in my body ache from hours on my brother's Wii. I rock at bowling - if only I was that good in real life. Anyway it's all over for another year and I'm enjoying my week off work and looking forward to going out and getting rat arsed tomorrow night!! YAY.

Now onto the important stuff - the food pics. Strap yourselves in people - I got lots'o'pics for ya.

Starting with xmas day brekkie. I made the pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Don't Eat off the Sidewalk. I've never made cinnamon rolls before but these were soooooooo good that I will definitely be making them again. I made them on Christmas Eve night and just put them in the fridge overnight to complete the second rise, then baked them off xmas morning. Here they are fresh out the oven....

And glazed, just before I scarfed them down with a cuppa!

My chrimbo dinner main event.... I made a filo roll filled with mushrooms, chestnuts and herbs and it was yummy. I didn't have a recipe, I just made it up as I went along and luckily it worked out!

My mum does the best roasties ever. Ever.

My plate: filo thingy, sage & onion stuffing, carrots, parsnips, righteous roasties and brussels. MMMMMMM!

Pudding (which we ate about 3 hours later cuz we were so full) was christmas cake, which I made Christmas Eve. Again, I didn't have a recipe, I was wingin' it and hurrah, it turned out pretty damn good. I am not normally a lover of fruit cake but this one was good. I didn't make notes so I'm gonna have to try and replicate it and make it a bit more awesome.

Onto boxing day - Me & mum did a buffet for boxing day and my bro and his girlfriend arrived. One important component was a chocolate yule log. You cannot have christmas without a yule log (or poo log as me & my bro still call it) and this year was the first year I had to make it. It was aweseome!! I used the basic chocolate recipe from VCTOtW, and the same frosting I used for my dad's birthday cake. It was a bit of a mess when I rolled it but luckily, frosting covers a multitude of sins.

With soya cream.....

I made some sausage rolls with ready roll puff pastry and sos-mix (which they are not making anymore - boo!!).
Me & mum made some mince pies, that we got the recipe for out the paper. they had vegan custard in underneath the mincemeat. Unfortunately they were a bit of a fail and bubbled all over the place. Whatta mess! However, they still tasted pretty good.

This is the boxing day spread - I scrubbed out the omni food - hehe.

One of my pressies - some vegan white choccy - YAY! I feel like I need to put it to good use in some muffins or something! I'll keep you posted.

This is my mum & dad's little friend - she is the cat of one of their neighbours and she's a necky little sod, she wanders in and expects attention and food! Luckily for her, she is so damn cute that we couldn't resist giving her some leftover turkey. She came and gave me a snuggle too but unfortunately it appears that I'm allergic to her! I had a cat growing up but in the last couple of years I find they have started to give me allergies. This makes me super sad because I love cats and I was hoping to adopt one in the new year. Ah well, I guess I'll have to get a dog - or a shitload of benadryl!!

Last night I had my girlies over for dinner and we had chilli (I made it so that I could get my notes right as I'm putting the recipe in my zine) ....

And cornbread (also going in the zine and we had basmati rice too but I didn't bother taking a pic of that) .....

And peanut butter sandwich cookies - these were awesome. I'm working on getting the recipe right though so I can give it out.

Cooking to: Britney - Circus (heheh I got it for chrimbo, yes yes I know, but I love her!)
Today's lunch I used up the leftover chilli in a seeded deli wrap, with some rocket leaves and roasted peppers & onions. It was seriously yum.

See ya in 2009!! :-)


  1. Sal!! You're back! I've missed you so!

    Pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Wow, do those look good!!

    Your filo thingy and your mom's righteous roasties look amazing! Your whole plate looks extra yummy!

    YAY for winging it with the fruit cake! Don't the best things come from winging it sometimes! :)

    I love the poo log! It seems that I am the only misfit who didn't make one this year!

    The Christmas spread looks so awesome, especially with the omni stuff scrubbed out! :P

    Your parents' kitty visitor is so cute! We have one of those who has practically moved in with us. She was giving me the worst allergies at first, and then we bought some wipes that are supposed to remove their dander and kitty cooties if you wipe the cat down with them once a week. It works! Don't give up on the kitty love!

    Chili and cornbread = YUM! Peanut butter sandwich cookies = DOUBLE YUM!!

    YAY!! I am so selfishly glad you're back! :)

    PS: My word verification for this comment is "homies". Aww. We're homies!

  2. sal,

    that was one helluva post. all looks great, esp. those pumpkin rolls.

  3. omg, i loooove entourage! nothing like watching episodes of cute boys getting into trouble and doing all kinds of fun things! yay!

    sweet shit, Sal - i wish i were celebrating chistmas with you! hells yeah! those are some glorious eats, indeed.

    let's start off with the cinnamon rolls - they look spectacular & most glorious! i have yet to make cinnamon rolls and i think i've got to now. i just need to stop being so damn lazy and get off my ass and do it.

    your filo dough concoction of deliciousness sounds divine, and those roasties do look like the best ever! sometimes mom's make 'em best. hands down. rock'n!

    the fruit cake looks extra scrumptious & i'm happy it turned out! yule log = mmmmmm! and sausage rolls, too? i could eat the whole plate of them! wow!

    sorry the mince pies boiled over - but that's good news they were still pretty darn tasty!

    i'd like to add that i love your scrubbing out of the omni food. you crack me up, Sal! yay for kitties, chili, corn bread, pb cookie sammies (mmmmmmm!) and your deli wrap has me drooling.

    gonna add one more thing: there's nothing wrong with a little Britney! :)

  4. OMG Sal!
    That was a whopper of a post!
    First time you made cinnamon rolls eh? It will definitely not be your last! They are too addictive!
    I love your poo log! I was very tempted to make one myself but I already had too much stuff for 2 people! Maybe next year.....
    Linda M sausage rolls are vegan if you ever need a replacement for the sos-mix ones (and they are every bit as good as omni ones too!)I love 'em!
    Nom, nom, nom..... can I come to your place next christmas Sal? You rock socks!

  5. Food - yummy!

    Entourage boys - yummier!! Ahh Adrian. And I knew a girl from the Bronx just like Turtle :)

  6. what's on the roasted potatoes? they look great!

    and i love the stuffed phyllo roll idea... i'm definitely going to try it!

  7. Those cinammon rolls looks so moist and yummy! Looks like you had a fab eating Christmas! Have a good one tommorow night!

  8. what an amazing spread of foodz! i'm impressed, from the cinnamon rolls to the phyllo rolls to yule log to fruitcake to chili etc etc etc... very, very nice, my friend. also, hilarious scribbles over the omni food. i literally laughed out loud. like this: "heh heh heh heh" well done, sal.

  9. What a post! You're amazing!

    Those pumpkin cinnamon rolls... oh man. Mine pale in comparison! I actually wanted to make those for Christmas, but I couldn't remember where I had seen the recipe. I'll have to try them soon!

  10. Looks like your mom does make the best roasted potatoes!

    Your chili looks incredible..and everything does!

  11. Those cinnamon rolls are the best.

    And sooo much other good food...!

  12. I'm drooling over all the deliciousness, and laughing out loud over the scribbled out omni fare! That filo log looks so scrumptious- and the mince meat pies, and the pudding, and oh my goodness I'm coming for leftovers now!!!

  13. I knew that only other vegans would appreciate me scrubbing out the omni food from the pic.

    River - thanks for the advice on the kitty wipes, homie!! Hehe. I’ll look into it.

    Becks – I’ll keep that in mind thanks. I usually avoid Linda Mc stuff because I’m scarred by the memory of her pies from when I was about 14. Shudder.

    Jessy – you’re right. I <3 me some Britters.

    Chelsea – you definitely have to try the cinnamon rolls – they rock socks!

    Miss V – nothing on the roasties – they are just roasted in hot oil to crispy perfection. Try as I may I never get them quite like that – unhealthy but crispy good on the outside and soft in the middle.

  14. Yum - that all looks amazing, what a fantastic spread. Tee hee for scrubbing out the omni food. ;)

  15. OMG can I come and eat at your house from now on? I'm only about 2 hours' drive away. I could commute. It would be worth it.

    Seriously - yours is one of the few UK vegan blogs I've found so it's great to see someone using the same ingredients as me. American blogs often use products I can't find here. Where did you find pumpkin puree for your amazing looking cinnamon rolls?


  16. Hi Poppy - hurrah for uk vegans!! :-)

    Truth be told I couldn't find pumpki puree, I don't think it's available over here. So I planned to buy a pumpkin and make my own but I couldn't find one in the supermarket, so I used a butternut squash instead, hehe.

  17. I have never made cinnamon rolls! I think these pumpkin ones might end up being my first...mmmm.

  18. Ooh good plan. I thought that making my own pumpkin puree wouldn't be sweet enough but I guess butternut squash is sweeter anyway. And I love love love butternut squash.

    Hungry now.

    Thanks for the tip!


  19. Re Linda Mc stuff~ I have no idea what the pies were like when you were 14 but for the past year (I'm such a veg*n newbie) they have been proper rank! They have just 'improved' the country pies recently, and I'm actually rather liking them! JOY!
    And they now label their stuff as 'vegan friendly' where applicable. Hurrah!! (I am only a fan of the sausages, sausage rolls and now the country pies, I can't vouch for the other offerings) >:o)

  20. Ooh I'll have to try the sausages, I checked the caldron ones yesterday and they had eggs in! erch!

  21. My sister got my parents a Wii last year... and after Mom beat Dad at bowling one night he stayed up for an extra three hours and actually hurt his knee!! Hahaha... silly dad... anyhoot... all that food looks delish!! Did you make your own filo dough???


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