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Saturday 15 March 2014

Marks and Spencer's Autograph Range


When I think of M&S I don't generally think of makeup I think of comfy bras and sensible pants. But no more....

They've really upped their game and brought out a lovely range of makeup. They have a basic range too which is cheaper, but I'm talking today about their Autograph range.  I emailed them recently to check if their mascaras were vegan (as the ingredients lists all say 'may contain carmine') and they confirmed that they all are, as are most of the Autograph makeup products. They are also BUAV approved, as are all their own brand cosmetics. Their response is below so you can see which products to avoid.

"Thanks for emailing us about our range of beauty products.

I've checked our systems and can confirm all four mascaras are suitable for vegans.

The only item in our Autograph range with carmine listed in the ingredients is our True Colour Blush (T224003). Also, the only other items in our Autograph range which are unsuitable for vegans are the Sheer Lipstick (T222101) and High Definition Eyeliner (T222530)."

So I thought I'd post a bit about some of the products I have and what I think of them.  Starting with....

This powder is AWESOME. It's super finely milled and silky so it won't be cakey or make the face look too dry. It's perfect for setting concealer under the eyes, as it's fine enough not to exacerbate any creasing in that area.  It is very comparable to MAC's prep & prime finishing powder, which I still have a whole pot of from the days when MAC were cruelty free. I used to keep it in my bridal kit!

This is a liquid illuminator for mixing with foundation, or wearing underneath or above foundation. It has a lovely shimmer but it's not glittery. I like this for a subtle sheen on the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.

This foundation has the most beautiful silky texture and I wish wish WISH it worked for me but I'm just not convinced it ever will. This is because my skin is dry (at the moment really REALLY dry for some reason) and it most foundations show this up, this one especially. Also, Beige is not the right shade for me, it's too dark (it's hard to tell from the in-store testers sometimes), but I think the lighter one will be too light. I don't want to give up on it yet, because I think this foundation could be great if my skin were in a bit of a better condition (and I had the right colour of course!) If you don't have dry skin, definitely give this a go. It's a matte foundation so you don't really need to powder it, unless you have super oily skin.

I only have one of these because the rest are all pretty shimmery and I have a tonne of shimmery shades that are similar. This one is more like a satin to matte finish and it's a great neutral tone. This makes it perfect for a crease colour but I also really like it for contouring, as some warmer colours can look orange on pale skin. This doesn't.  Below is a daylight swatch of it; at first glance I thought it might be a dupe for MAC's Omega (if you were a MAC girl in a former life, like me, then this would be exciting) but I swatched them side by side (if you wanna see that swatch let me know and I'll post it) but they are not the same. This one is a little darker and Omega is a teeny bit warmer.  But this is still a great multi-purpose colour that I think would work on brows too!

PURE Colour blushes are vegan, TRUE colour blushes are not! So this is a Pure Colour one in the shade Coral. This blush is lovely and it's pigmented so you don't need a tonne of it. This is the only colour I have and my swatch pic sucks a bit but it's a lovely peachy flush, not at all as orange as it looks in the pan. I will probably pick up more colours.

I love these lipsticks. Love them! Firstly, and I know this is shallow but I don't care, I love the packaging. You push the bullet in and it pops out .... little things please little minds! haha (If you have any of the B. lippies this is the same!) But I also love the formula. They feel nice and creamy and not drying at all and there's a pretty big range of colours. My favourite one is raspberry, which is pictured above and I'll do a look with it soon so you can see how gorgeous it is.  As for long lasting - no not really but no lipstick is on me (except the matte variety that are made to be long-lasting!)

I've only used this twice but so far, I'm lovin it! My pic is a bit blurry so I dunno if you can really see the brush. But 2 edges are like a regular mascara brush and two edges are the plasticy/spikey type. So you can use the regular side to deposit colour and then the plasticy edge to de-clump. It's really a great brush and I like the formula too. I will get back to you (I'm testing out a bunch of vegan mascaras so I can do a comparison post very soon!) on how well it lasts and how easy it is to remove. But first and second impressions are that I love it!

So there you go. Just a few items out of a big range. I don't have a concealer yet, or a foundation that works well on my skin type, but I'm definitely going to be trying out more items from this range.

Let me know if you've tried any of this range and if so, what you think of it!

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx



  1. Awesome review! :) I recently discovered this brand at my Marks & Spencer! :) I want to try the mascara so badly!


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