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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Boots' Animal Testing Policy

I'm officially removing Boots/No7/SEVENTEEN/Botanics etc from my list of brands I'm happy to buy from. I've seen numerous comments on facebook from former employees saying they have seen correspondence referring to use of animal tested ingredients. Also today I've seen a response from Boots to someone saying outright that some of their suppliers 'may' have to test ingredients or components on animals.

They're straight up too shady and 'grey' for me to trust them and so I can no longer be confident they're cruelty free. So they're now a no-no for me.

Sal x


So I've read recently a few people saying they don't buy from Boots because they animal test, which is not something I ever thought was the case.  So I contacted Boots to check and here is their response:

"Thanks for contacting us about animal testing and whether our products are sold in mainland China.

Boots and its subsidiary businesses do not test any products or ingredients on animals, and do not commission others to do so on our behalf. In fact in March 2013 it became illegal for any company to test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals in Europe.  We realise that until satisfactory replacements are available, other businesses around the world will carry out some tests for their own particular products and ingredients to meet regulatory requirements.  These safety tests may sometimes involve ingredients of the type used in products which we manufacture and sell.

We would definitely like to see an end to all animal tests, and take a keen interest in the development and introduction of alternative forms of safety testing.

Boots do not sell Boots products in China, this is in part due to the mandatory animal testing policy. We do sell products in Hong Kong, but the regulations in Hong Kong are different to mainland China.

Boots has had this policy in place for over 20 years, and fully support the change in laws that came into effect last year. I hope you find this helpful and reassuring."

So I think they're saying that some business do test (that they stock) but they don't and they don't sell their beauty products in mainland China. So to me I'm happy to still buy No.7.

What do you think, do you think I'm reading it wrong?

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx


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