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Tuesday 13 October 2015

MeMeMe Cosmetics

I read somewhere (I forget where) recently that MeMeMe were cruelty free and vegan friendly. So not wanting to be caught out again, I emailed them a few questions.

They are in fact cruelty free and vegan friendly and I have a list of vegan options for you.

Their response regarding animal testing:

"Thank you for your email.
Your sources are correct, we are a vegan friendly brand. Our products are not registered in china so have not under-gone testing on animals. None or our suppliers test our products on animals nor do they use products that have been tested on animals. To clarify, there is no animal testing throughout out supply chain.

Please see the attached form of product information to date. Note that the absence of a tick next to the product does not necessarily mean that they are tested on animal* but that we are waiting for clarification." 

I left above the email exactly as written above, however I wrote back to check that what she meant was that the absence of a tick doesn't mean they are not vegan but that they're waiting for clarification. After a bit of a confusing conversation, I decided to go back to the contact form on the website and ask for clarification and they have confirmed nothing is animal tested and the products without a tick are not confirmed as vegan. Hurrah, there's lots of options and I'll be picking some up soon to play with.

So, CONFIRMED Vegan Options as at October 2015:

 Blush Me Blush Box - CORAL
 Blush Me Blush Box - PINK
 Blush Me Blush Box - BRONZE
 Blush Me Blush Box - ROUGE
 Shimmer Stack - GOLD
 Shimmer Stack - BRONZE
 Shimmer Stack - PINK
 Cheek & Lip Tint - CUPIDS KISS
 Cheek & Lip Tint - CHERUBS BLUSH
 Cheek & Lip Tint - CORAL BLOSSOM
 Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator - OYSTER GOLD
 Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator - PEARL PINK
 Goddess Rocks
 Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit - TAUPE
 Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit - NUDE
 Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit - BUFF
 Flawless Concealer - PORCELAIN
 Flawless Concealer - BEIGE
 Flawless Concealer - HONEY
 Flawless Finish Liquid Cream Foundation spf 15 - PORCELAIN PURE
 Flawless Finish Liquid Cream Foundation spf 15 - BEIGE BLUSH
 Flawless Finish Liquid Cream Foundation spf 15 - HONEY LUSH
 Flawless Finish Liquid Cream Foundation spf 15 - GOLDEN GLOW
*NEW* Angel Face BB Cream - PORCELAIN PURE
*NEW* Angel Face BB Cream - BEIGE BLUSH
*NEW* Angel Face BB Cream - HONEY LUSH
*NEW* Angel Face BB Cream - GOLDEN GLOW
 Flawless Finish Pressed Powder Compact - TRANSLUCENT
 Flawless Finish Pressed Powder Compact - NATURAL
 Flawless Face Loose Powder - TRANSLUCENT
 Ultimate Palette - CLASSIC
 Ultimate Palette - RICH PLUM
*NEW* Ultimate Palette - SOFT ROSE
 Dew pots - HOLLOW HAZE
 Dew pots - TANGLED IVY
 Dew pots - SILENT STORM
 Dew pots - SILK DUSK
Arch Angel Brow Tint - DARK BROWN
Arch Angel Brow Tint - LIGHT BROWN
 Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer - HOT BLACK
 Rich Colour Luxury Lip Glaze - ROSE HIP RED
 Rich Colour Luxury Lip Glaze - CRÈME CARAMEL
 Rich Colour Luxury Lip Glaze - PINK CHAMPAGNE
 Rich Colour Luxury Lip Glaze - PLUM SORBET
 Rich Colour Luxury Lip Glaze - SOFT CASHMERE
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - ILLUMINATE
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - LUMINOUS
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - SHIMMER
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - INTENSE
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - SHOW
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - BLAZE
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - CAPTIVATE
 Light Me Up Lip Gloss - LUSTRE

I have a couple of their items that I bought quite a while ago and I like all of them, so will be picking up probably a foundation and concealer at least.

Currently, I have: the Pink Blush Box, the Arch Angel duo and the pink liquid skin highlighter, which is a spot on dupe for Benefit's High Beam!

Have you guys tried anything from MeMeMe, or will you be? You can buy from their website.

Sal xXx


  1. Good to know!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Carmin (C.I. 75470) is in all eyeshadows oO

    1. It might be that they use the same ingredient list for all eyeshadows. Is it listed or does it say "may contain". There's a few palettes listed as vegan on their list.


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