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Wednesday 2 September 2015

OGX Hair Products - Not Cruelty Free!

EDIT: 30.09.2015
I've just read that OGX sell in China or that possibly their parent company are not cruelty free. I've written to them to clarify but if this is the case I'll be super disappointed, as it means they were very misleading in their communications with me. Watch this space! 

Update 2: Yep, they replied with a totally waffley non-answer, which is irritating in itself. But the gist is that they DO sell in China. So I'm removing them from my cruelty free brands list and won't be buying anything else from them. Sorry guys, I'm super annoyed about this because their animal testing statement does not in anyway confirm that they sell in countries that require testing.

Thought I'd sneak in a little beauty post, a midst the madness of MoFo.

I recently contacted OGX to see if any of their hair products are vegan, as their animal testing policy is quite detailed that they don't test but no mention of vegan products. The emailed me back in less than 10 minutes - I think that's a record!  You've probably seen them in Boots and if not, here they are.

Anyway, they have lots of vegan options: here is their response in full.

Thank you so much for contacting us! Some of our shampoos and conditioners do contain animal by-products such as keratin derived from sheep wool and whipped egg white proteins. Some of our Coconut Milk products contain silk amino acids.  For an animal by-product free product we recommend the following:

  • Acai Berry Avocado shampoo and conditioner
  • All Argan Oil of Morocco products with the exception of the conditioner and intense moisturizing treatment
  • Cherry Blossom Ginseng shampoos and conditioner
  • All Coconut Water products
  • All Moroccan Argan Crème products 
  • Argan Oil & Shea shampoo and weightless oil
  • Australian Teatree 
  • Argan of Morocco Body wash, lotion, and dry body oil
  • Teatree body wash and lotion 
  • All Vitamin E products
  • All Vitamin B5 products 
  • All Coconut Curls products
  • All Kukui Oil products
  • All Lemon Highlights products
  • All Sea Mineral Moisture products (note: this range contains kelp and algae- may not be suitable for macrobiotic vegetarians).  
In addition, rest assured that none of our products, nor their ingredients are tested on animals. We are very proud of that fact and it will not change. (Please see above, for confirmation that they sell in China, where mandatory testing is in force.)

Finally, OGX® bottles are manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. We hope this is a brand you can feel good about.  Have a great hair day! 


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  1. I've seen these products at Target and Ulta and they always look interesting to me. Good to know the have lots of vegan options. Thanks for sharing!


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