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Sunday 8 June 2008

Birthday Celebration and Cake, mark 2!

Last night was mine and my best mate's birthday celebration. We went for chinese then onto the pub and it was my job to make the cake. Em requested my mango & coconut cake, so here it is. I doubled the recipe but just made one batch of frosting as it makes too much for 1 layer anyway. It was too big though! I should have done 1.5 of the recipe and split that instead but hey ho.

Also, my friend Kelly has a wheat intolerance and as I'm always hearing "there's cake for everyone, except you Sarah!".... I substituted regular plain flour for Dove's Farm wheat & gluten free flour so Kelly could eat some too. The flour changed the texture a bit and I think it was too noticable. But I don't really have experience of working with wheat free flours, so I might have to look into alternatives.

Anyway, here is the cake:

We went to the Water Sky in Fleet, which is a really nice restaurant and has a good selection for veggies, including fake duck!! Which a few of my friends tried and had to admit 'it's alright isn't it!', even my veggie-phobic brother!

However, last night they were slow on the veggie stuff, every course mine came out 5-10 minutes after the omni food! But that aside it tasted good.

I didn't get a pic of the mock duck or the starters, which were spring rolls, tofu with chilli and salt and seaweed, minus the pink fishy crap.

Main course - veggie food.... (tofu, a veggie dish, plain rice and singapore rice noodles - minus the various meats and egg)

To compare, this is the omni food!! A lot of stuff isn't there! I think one of those dishes is veggie! Oh plus the rice, but it had egg in it so I had to ask them for a plain one.

Bonus pic... The cakes were so fat that they took forever to cool down enough to frost them. So as I had people coming over, I figured it was better to see me frosting than half-dressed! So here I am, hair and make up done, party dress on, cosmo in hand and erm ... pinny on - classy!!

Cooking to: A playlist of some very cheesy shit that would reveal how deeply un-hip I am!

ps: some pics of the night are on my Facebook.

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