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Wednesday 9 July 2008

I <3 free stuff. And tofu.

I won a prize draw! That never happens to me, I never win anything. But I won a box of Retro Lush stuff. I scored a shower gel (there were 2 but one wasn’t vegan, boo!), 2 soaps and 2 bath bombs. My flat smells good!! Here they are:

The box – I know it’s daft to post a pic of a box but it was cute:

The Swag:

But back to the important stuff: foodz. This was yesterday’s dinner – I re-attempted my idea of sesame mustard tofu and hurrah, it worked! I 86’d* the breadcrumbs and coated the marinated tofu with flour, mustard powder, salt & pepper and sesame seeds. I also baked it instead of frying it to make it healther. To go with it was balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes and red onions (SOOOO good!), fresh corn sauted in a bit of vegan margarine and olive oil and some spinach cooked in a teeny bit of veg stock.

Today, I went for a really simple stir fry of bok choi, peas, green beans, peppers, marinated tofu pieces and carrots with a splash of lime juice, soy, chilli sauce, agave and a grating of fresh ginger. To go with it I just did some noodles which I mixed some peanut sauce (recipe in this post) into and topped the whole lot off with some toasted sesame seeds. This was sooooo yummy! Oh and it took my peanut butter collection down to 4 jars!

(I don’t really know if I know exactly what 86’d means but Phoebe said it in Charmed once about a demon and I'm pretty sure it applies here!)

Cooking (today) to: Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine


  1. your tofu looks so good, and the stir fry looks amazing, too! we have sooooo many cherry tomatoes that are almost ripe & ready to eat - i'm totally going to roast them up with some red onion & balsamic like you did - it looks freak'n fantastical!

  2. It really is awesome, I love cherry tomatoes with balsamic but when they're roasted they're even sweeter and the onions taste amazing too.

  3. Congratulations on your freebies! That's so cool. I think I'm the last one on the planet who has never tried their stuff.


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