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Sunday 6 July 2008

What is and what should never be

So I’m coming to the end of my second week off work. Last week I was away and this week just been chilling at home, mainly boring myself stupid. It’s been nice to have time to myself but my own company was starting to irritate me – still not looking forward to getting up Monday morning though! Didn’t do much for the first half of the week; Wednesday my friend came over for a supernatural half marathon – we do the other half tomorrow! Thursday, I went into town and I found this pasty in Holland & Barrett. I was intrigued and it was vegan – a perfect match!
The good news is that as well as being reduced to 59p and containing no trans-fats, it was suitable for vegetrians. I dunno what a vegetrian is – anyone who know, answers on a postcard please. Seriously though, it was surprisingly not hideous, although it did give me heartburn!
For dinner, I was still feeling lazy and I fancied another dose of the old heartburn so I ordered from the local Chinese takeaway. The Singapore noodles and spring rolls were good but the tofu in satay sauce was a bit chewy and the sauce was watery. That’ll learn me. Yesterday I made enchiladas and some guac to use up the manky looking avo I had in my fridge. Mmm mmm mmm.

Onto Saturday and by this point I was bored stiff. I even went out for a walk, twice – that’s just how bored! Boredom is a bad thing, it makes me either bake, experiment or sit on my arse and watch lame movies. I did all three of those things today, not necessarily in that order though. Baking: fruit crumble. It had mango and pear (my new fave crumble fruits) and some strawberries that I had left in the fridge about to go off. I added a bit of coconut to the crumble topping. It’s not very taxing making a crumble but if anyone wants the recipe, leave me a message and I’ll post it. Here is the fruit before being topped with sugary oaty goodness: Straight from the oven: And a shot of the finished article, smothered with custard:

Experimenting: mustardy sesame tofu. Ok I have a question – how in the name of Zeus’ butthole do people get breadcrumbs to stick to tofu? I tried soymilk, soymilk mixed with cornflour, straight out the marinade... but I was fighting a losing battle I’m afraid. I ended up wodging it on and burning more of the crumbs (and myself in the process) than I got on the freakin tofu. And the stuff that did stick was a wee bit over- cooked! So this tofu didn’t turn out exactly as hoped or expected but it was still pretty tasty and the accompanying mash and my posh mushy peas (with a dollop of mayola instead of tofu) were perfect! This picture shows the restrained amount of peas for photographic reasons. I did of course pile the rest on after I took the photo and lick the blades of the food processor too! Being that I am a bit silly today, I don’t know how I managed to not cut my tongue off in the process.

Oh and not forgetting... Lame movies: Addicted to Love & Say Anything (well half of it anyway, I got bored). So like I said, I am a derp today and by that I mean that since 9.30 this morning I have managed to give myself 3 burns, 2 cuts, splash water into the frying pan containing hot oil which then spat in my eye and also lop hunks out of 2 fingernails with my veggie peeler. My silliness also seemed to rub off on everything in my kitchen! Pans were falling over, cutlery kept going mad and jumping out my hands and covering my floor with peas / custard / sesame seeds / mustard powder..... and my poor old spatool even got himself injured!! Look...

Note to self: hot oil in frying pan = too hot for cheapo plastic wilkinsons spatulas! Note to self 2: don’t cook when you suspect PMT is rearing its ugly head, you WILL get injured. Cooking to: a bit a this, bit a that but Led Zep stood out and inspired the post title


  1. your fruit crumble looks so tasty!! it's making me hungry! :)

    as for getting breading to stick to tofu - here's what i do:
    1. drain & press tofu (to get out as much water as possible)
    2. dip tofu in a mix of flour & cornmeal with your fav spices
    3. dip tofu into rice milk, quickly (so as not to lose all the breading)
    4. dip tofu into bread crumbs & fry in hot ass oil! :)

    that seems to work well for me. you can also: dip tofu in rice milk first, then flour mix, back into rice milk, and finally into bread crumbs - that works well, too!

    breading tofu can be tricky though - and i find that the breading stays on best when i just bake the tofu instead of frying it (i think it's 'cause ya don't mess with it as much).

  2. Hiya,

    Thanks very much for the advice, I will try flouring it first! :)


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