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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Vegan MoFo - Day 1!

It's October, which means Vegan MoFo has begun! I can't say I kicked it off with a huge bang but definitely a big one! I had another recipe in mind for today but my pissing casserole dish didn't arrive yet so I had to change my plans and went for Miso Tofu with a spicy, peanutty stir fry and soba noodles.

This was sooooooo tasty and the smell of it cooking was creasing me it smelt so good.

I bought a julienne peeler today and was dying to use it. And I have had this jar of miso in the fridge for ages and needed some inspiration on what to do with it. So I googled Miso Tofu recipe and found this one. I forgot to print it off and was too lazy to boot up the laptop so I decided to use it as inspiration and made it up as I went along.

So my marinade consisted of 1 big spoonful of brown miso, a couple of tbsp of soy, the same of rice vinegar, a tbsp or so of maple syrup, a splash of liquid smoke (a couple of tsps), a good grating of fresh ginger, a grated clove of garlic and a 1/4 tsp of chilli paste. Then I brushed it on and left it for 5 minutes then baked for 10 mins at 180C, flipped it and baked for another 10 minutes.

This is how awesome my julienner is ....

Somehow I managed to make just enough marinade for 1 block of tofu...

Cooking to: random 80s shite.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of posting enough for the rest of the month but it's going to be tough as I'm onsite for almost 2 weeks out of the month.

Oh and there will be baked goods before the week is out!!


  1. miso is so yum...another thing to add to my grocery list

  2. Sometimes the best dishes come when you don't have an official recipe to follow - like this tofu! Man, that looks so incredibly good!

    Can't wait for the baked goods post! :)

  3. oh, Sal - your miso tofu looks scrumptious, and perfectly paired with the soba noodles & stir fry! mmmmmmmmmm! that really is the perfect amount for your tofu - i usually end up with either too much or not enough with sauces. nice job!

    hooray for vegan mofo! i'm totally looking forward to more tasty posts, and some of your gloriously delish baked goods! yay!

  4. yay baked goods! and yay for tofu!

  5. wow that tofu looks lovely.
    I am seriously looking forward to baked goods.


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