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Tuesday 4 November 2008

Okara yum yum

So I've heard great things about this okara stuff, which is basically the pulp of the soya beans that you're left with after making soymilk. I didn't know what to do with it but what I came up with was some black bean cakes.

They were really REALLY yummy but they need work before I can post a recipe. These had okara, black beans, yellow pepper, onion, garlic and spices in. They were a little too soft to flip so they broke up a bit when I pan fried them, so this is something I need to work on.

I served them with brown rice with some broccoli and baby corn.

Today I went to an awards do for local businesses that are promoting healthy lifestyles to employees and we won a Gold award!! It was at the Four Seasons in hampshire which is unbelievably posh and beautiful and they catered for me! YAY.

I didn't get a pic of the starter, but it was a salad with loads of veggies and an awesome dressing. The main was this baby, it was so cute I had to take a pic - a baby pumpkin which was filled with spinach, mushrooms and herbs and served with other seasonal veg around it. It was sooo tasty! Excuse the crappy pics, I took them on my camera phone!

Desert was a fruit salad, it was yummy! I'm not used to actually having vegan food made for me when I go to events and even when they do, it's usually cack! So this was a lovely surprise.


  1. Congrats on the award! The food looks delicious.

  2. HOORAY for the award! that's awesome! and also awesome that they made vegan yummies for you! wahoooooooooooo!

    okara sounds so cool - we have a soymilk maker that's neglected. i think i need to find the little guy and start putting him to use! yay! i look forward to the okara recipe when it's ready, too! i hear okara is so good for you! doublew00t!

  3. congrats on your award and i think it's awesome when restaurants cater to vegans. i always make sure to let the management know how much i appreciate it when it happens.

  4. A gold award for promoting healthy lifestyles! YAY!
    That baby pumpkin is so cute, and the filling sounds delicious!
    Your black bean-okara patties look SO good!! I'll stay tuned for the recipe :)

  5. Oh wow! That Pumpkin is soooo pretty looking. Where do you work Sal? I'm curious (in other words nosey).
    I've heard marvelous things about Okara - yet more reasons to want a Soy Milk maker.

  6. how nice of them to make some actually tasty for you :) i made some patties with my okara awhile ago and they were musy too. i'm not sure what exactly to do about that... i added wheat gluten, but apparently it wasn't enough!

  7. I'm a sucker for any kinds of patties and I keep hearing about this okara... must work on my own soy milk... and that pumpkin is so CUTE... definite Thanks giving possibilities since I'm sure I'll have to bring something for myself.. I'm sure I'll have to make extras people will be jealous!

  8. what a cute little pumpkin!

  9. there are tons of recipes with okara! I guess you're gonna have lots of fun with your soymilk maker.


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