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Thursday 13 November 2008

Wanna play 20 questions?

Is it a mineral? Yeah. Is it a tank? Woah, yeah! Hehe gotta love Bill & Ted! Ahem, anyhoo I been tagged for a meme by the superrad Allularpunk of Awesome.Vegan.Rad (possibly one of my favourite blog titles ever!!). I think she is getting me back for tagging her on the “show me your freezer” meme! Haha. Ah well. Here are 7 ‘interesting’ things about me. 1. I LOVE Bon Jovi. I know they're not 'cool' and everyone makes fun of them but I don’t care (they still fill stadiums over and over - so there nerr!). Their songs remind me of my youth and they are still the best live band I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a fair few! Every tour, me and friends still go to at least 2 gigs, more if we can afford it. They are the band I’ve seen the most times live, probably followed by the Foo Fighters, then Take That (see factoid 3). 2. I have a weird memory. I remember quotes from films / tv shows, even if I’ve only seen them once and my friends used to get annoyed with me cuz I always used to know all the words to pretty much every song they used to play in the pub. Also I can remember conversations I had 10/15 years ago, the reg no of all my mum and dad’s cars since I was 10 and people’s phone numbers that I haven’t spoken to in over a decade. I also know all my bank a/c and credit card numbers off by heart. But for the life of me, I cannot remember MY car reg no, stuff I’m assigned to do in meetings*, or where I put the pen that I was just using. (*Probably more due to zoning out during meetings and dreaming about Jensen Ackles, rather than concentrating on boring meeting shit.) 3. I was the BIGGEST Take That fan ever from the ages of about 11 - 15. My bedroom had so many posters of them on the walls that you couldn’t see wallpaper anywhere. There were even posters on the wardrobe, the door and the ceiling! I was in love with Mark Owen and used to sign things Sarah Owen! Hahahah. My best friend loved Robbie so she signed Emma Williams. I am seeing them play Wembley next year and I’m still as excited as a 14 year old. 4. My dad was in the Army when I was young so I lived in Germany for a couple of years, but I don’t remember much about it, except getting hit in the face with a stone by the horrible kid next door. 5. As well as regular earlobe piercings, I have a couple of others (tongue, tragus, rook) and a couple of retired ones :( . I’d like more but they are just such a pain to heal. I also have a tattoo (just one at the moment but I want more) in memory of my Nana, on my foot. Piccie. 6. I think I’m quite intelligent but at the same time, I’m also clumsy, accident prone, a bit dippy on occasion and pretty unlucky, but I hit the jackpot when it comes to my friends and family. My Mum and Dad are two of the greatest, kindest people to ever walk the planet, my big bro is awesome, hilarious and speaks a language that only he & me understand (that’s a sibling thing though, right?) and my best friends are the most loyal, funniest and caring best friends anyone could ever ask for. 7. I work for an Exhibitions Safety consultancy by day but at night, I’m really a superhero that saves the streets of Fleet from the evil lurking below the surface. I have a magical power to transform bad guys into wildebeest, covered in jam.** ** Yeah I struggled to find 7 things – I’m not really very interesting! Hahaha. I'm tagging whoever wants to play because most people I read regularly have already been tagged I think. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


  1. yay! yours is the best i've seen so far :)

  2. hehee... I'm totally a movie quoter too... but don't have the photographic number memory!! Vegas? :) People also hate sitting next to me at the movies b/c I'm totally obsessed with figuring out where I've seen people before... I'm always like "Hey that was the guy sitting next to the counter in... " [[insert who cares glare]] wahwahwaaaaaahhh...

  3. i think you're pretty darn interesting, Sal! that's awesome that you've got some great friends and an awesome family - bad luck or not - that's what counts! :) i've got a bit of a weird memory, too. isn't it amazing what the brain forget and what it decides to remember & hold on to! so odd!

    what a fun meme! yay!

  4. Oh yes you are interesting! This was such a fun meme!
    I LOVE Bon Jovi too, and I was a HUGE fan of Take That! I did cry when they split up.

  5. I love your meme - Take That, eh? ;)


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