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Monday 17 November 2008

Wonky Donkey

This weekend gone was my Dad's birthday and we went out for a lovely Italian meal, then back to their house for cake. He asked for a black forest style gateaux, just like Mum always used to make him. Except now cake making duties have been passed to me which means the double cream has been 86'd and replaced with chocolate frosting.

I put cherry buttercream in between the layers, along with cherry pie filling. The cherries could really do with being fresh ones for the top as these ones were a bit saucy and it was totally wonky (despite my cack-handed frosting job) as one side rose higher than the other on one of the cakes! Mum's cakes were always perfect looking and I still don't know how she did it but she used to pick the whole thing up, once covered in cream and roll it in chocolate flakes!!

But anyhoo - as retarded as my version looked, it tasted seriously ace.

I doubled the basic chocolate cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. The buttercream was simple buttercream with some of the sauce from the cherry pie filling mixed in. The chocolate frosting I didn't weigh but it was pretty much the same as I used for this cake, but with a bit less liquid, so it was a bit firmer.

Inside shot.... the flash washed out the pretty pink colour of the icing!!

The next morning I got up and baked ginger muffins and some pancakes for everyone for brekkie. My dad decided to make a fairy cake with a muffin and the leftover cherry pie filling. I thought it was awesome so I took a pic of it!


  1. Your cake looks marvelous! It doesn't look wonky to me. I tried to make a black forest gateau during MoFo using canned cherry pie filling, basic chocolate cake recipe from V.C.T.O.T.W and soyatoo whipped cream. Of course the whole thing fell in a mushy heap and went in the bin. I'm doing it your way next time!
    I love your dads fairy cake too >:o)

  2. what a lucky dad you've got! that cake looks awesome, despite it's lopsidedness (which i honestly can't really see). chocolate cherry oh yes! you must stop with your chocolate posts! i'm trying to lose some weight over here!

  3. Lucky dad!! What an impressive looking cake! I don't even see where one side rose higher than the other. Your dad is lucky to have such an awesome daughter that cooks delicious goodies for him!
    His fairy cake is too cute! :)

  4. It looks FAB Sal! I like the Cherry Sauce dribbles down the side and the inside shot is AWESOME!!!

  5. oh my gosh - holy sh*t, Sal! that's the most glorious cake ever! ooooooooo! cherry buttercream = freak'n genius! and i love the chocolate frosting! i'm get'n a sugar rush just looking at this! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    you're too sweet to make ginger muffins AND pancakes for breakfast the next day! and your dad's fairy cake made me smile! ;)

  6. How sweet of you. That's a wonderful cake. It looks so yummy!

  7. Wow, your dad must be a very lucky dad! such a fantastic cake! can I come over for my birthday?

  8. I think the cake looks yummo and I really need to try making a layer cake sometime!

  9. you're crazy... that cake is utter perfection!! and...that's what my weekends have been missing... fairy muffskies...


  10. i don't think it looks too wonky. some of the best food doesn't have to look magazine perfect. plus, you made it for your dad, and i think food that is made for loved ones always tastes better because it is made with ***love***.

    i won't ruin your rocker reputation by telling peeps yer a big smooshie.


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