Thursday, 13 November 2008


I know - 2 posts in one day, well I couldn't wait any longer to post this.......

Remember my stupid exams I spoke about a while ago. Probably not, but anyway - I PASSED!!!!!! WITH CREDIT TOO!! 13th today as well - I guess it's lucky for some eh!

I AM SO GOD DAMN FUCKING HAPPY. I been doing the happy dance for almost an hour (in my head for the most part) and I'm still shaking like a leaf.


OK I'm off to calm myself down now.

ps. YAY!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I totally support the dancing... in your head... :)

  2. Yayyyy for you! I had a job interview today (Why the 13th?) but they just rang to say I got it so double yay! And in reference to the last post....

    Take That rock!!!

  3. this deserves a SUPERSQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! congrats on passing, Sal! and with credit!?! hot damn, girl! you rock!

  4. YAY!! I'll do a little dance for you too! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! What a great excuse for a happy dance >:o)
    I feel siily now for not finding your blog sooner. You are officially my most local vegan blogger (I'm in 'Boringstoke'!)

  6. Awesome, I didn't realise you were so close either. hahaha

  7. *joins in on the happy dance*

    Congratulations Sal!!!!

  8. woo hoo! i LOVE that feeling of relief when you get good grades.


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