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Tuesday 11 November 2008

You gotta roll with it....

I feel like I should put on Oasis, but with PMT rearing it's ugly head, it could just make me mad!

Tonight, I made sushi. I should start by saying that I have NEVER made sushi before but I keep seeing all these pretty pictures plastered all over t'internet so I decided to give it a go.

Be kind.... my rolling sucks, but hey - it was my first time! I had some VCON sweetcorn/edamame salad and some cold peanutty noodles to go with and it was awesome!

I was planning on putting in strips of tofu with miso marinade on it but I didn't have any tofu in my freezer (which is a first). Denied. It was ace nonetheless.

Today's lunch was the easiest and quickest pea soup ever. I've had 3 attempts at this now and today I got it right.

All you do is bring 1/2 cup (125ml) of water to the boil. Crumble in a half a stock cube, add a cup of peas (100g) and cook until the peas are tender (about 5 mins). Pour into a blender with 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) soya yoghurt and blend, then season to taste. No frills - just tasty and super quick.

Last night I made bread, but I really was feeling way too lazy to knead so I made soda bread, which is SOOOO much quicker. I used the recipe on the side of the flour packet and it was a mixture of white and rye flour. It was good but I think the measurements need tweaking, as I found myself adding flour for a while until the dough was right! So I'm going to play with it and then post it.

It was awesome with jam (and my soup today).

Monday's dinner was a quick curry, and I mean quick. I didn't even start chopping the veg until I'd put the rice on to cook for 25 minutes and I still had time to show the guy who's fixing my shower round the flat as well!!

It went like this.. chop onion and butternut squash. Let contractor in to whinge about shitty shower screen. Saute an onion in a few sprays of low fat cooking spray and a pinch of salt over a low-med heat, add 1/2 cup (about 80g) of butternut squash, some green beans and 1.5 tsp of curry powder (any you like - I make my own) and stir and cook for a few minutes. Add some water (about 1/2 cup) and half a tin of tomatoes. Then cover it with foil (or a lid if your pan is lucky enough to have one) and leave it for about 15 minutes until the BN squash is cooked. Then mix in 1/2 cup (80g ish) cooked chickpeas and 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) soya yoghurt, season and sprinkle with fresh coriander if you like it and serve over brown rice. YUM.
I have an okara experiment in the oven as we speak - hopefully more on this next time!

Oh and unrelated but I'm watching the Strictly Come Dancing results from Sunday that I V+'d and fuck me - how awesome was that cha cha that the world champs did!!!

Oh and for the love of all that is good Britain - stop fucking voting for John - he SUCKKKKKKS! He is beyond terrible, it's a joke. Heather and Brian got kicked off which makes me sad cuz I find Brian Fortuna strangely hot!


  1. shush, your sushi looks awesome! i completely and totally lack the patience to roll sushi, so at least you have that going for you. and your soup, bread, and curry all look fab as well. nom!

  2. Wow, Sal where do I start! I guess with that fabulous sushi! It looks awesome, and so does that intensely green soup, and that amazing soda bread, and your quick and delicious curry!

    We don't get Strictly Come Dancing here, we get Dancing With The Stars but this season has been so boring!

  3. Brian Fortuna is SO NOT hot but I agree with you about John!!

  4. Liz, You're right he's not at all, which is why it's strange that I find him hot! It's the hip shakin, I'm sure!

    River, I've watched a couple of eps of Dancing with the Stars this year and I haven't heard of most of them, except the guy from NSync, but yeah there's no one that stood out to me.

  5. Your sushi looks great!! I can't believe that was your first first try was a horrid mess.

  6. your rolling so doesn't suck, and your bread kicks my ass.

  7. Roll with it!!
    Your Sushi looks GREAT!
    I'm still a Sushi virgin but you have tempted me even more to correct this.
    Your Bread looks sooooo tasty - you can't beat Bread and Jam.
    I LOVE the Soup - have you tried Split Pea Soup Sal? It's completely yummers too!

  8. Jeni, I haven't but I did buy some split peas a while ago to make soup as I saw someone make it on TV and it looked uberrad! I just haven't got around to it yet.

  9. for a first time try your rolls look pretty good. just remember, treat your rolls like one giant rice/daikon/avocado filled doobie.

  10. you're way better than i'll ever be at roll'n sushi, Sal! first time i tried - it was complete shit. so dan rolls the sushi now. i can't do it - i just suck at it! ahahaaa! the bread 'n jam look so freak'n good i'm totally having a slice of bread with jam when i get home tonight. hot damn! i'm even gonna stop by the store on my way home from work to get some jam that i like (dan likes grape so that's all we've got in the house)! yay!

    that's one quick (& tasty looking) soup. and i would have never thought to use butternut squash in a curry. totally gonna have to try that! and i'm looking forward to more okara goodness, too! superw00t!

  11. mm... I don't know if you like spicy but a little sriracha and veganaise in your rolls is awesome! Also, I've totally been craving pea weekend afternoon treat probably! Okay... totally got lost on all your blogs yumminess... will stop commenting on old posts! :)


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