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Monday 12 October 2009

Vegan Mofo: 3 cheers for......

..... Alphabetti spaghetti!!

Just a daft little post from me today with a pic of today's lunch. I love spaghetti on toast and I hate hate HATE baked beans. So this is for all the baked bean haters out there! And yay for alphabetti spaghetti - bringing out the 8 year old in spag-lovers everywhere!!

MOFO! (It took me longer to find the F than it did to scarf this!)



  1. haaa. LOVE. It.

    I love that you also have 'alien' in your blog title. :)

  2. Cuteness! I always loved Spaghetti-O's and keep meaning to make a vegan version. I've seen a few recipes, but haven't been able to find whole wheat O-shaped pasta. Maybe I should look for whole wheat alphabet pasta instead.

  3. very cute. and it's okay you hate baked beans, because that means there's more for me to eat.

  4. Yay,, another baked bean hater!! I eat baked beans in the same way I go to the dentist for my regular checks - ostensibly as an example to my kids!

  5. you are the absolute best, Sal! what a fun post! i can't believe i've never had alphabetti spaghetti - or spaghetti on toast. i feel a craving coming on! mmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. Baked bean haters unite! They suck! Mwahaha you spelled MoFo with your noodles! *cough cough dork cough cough* :-D

  7. how cute! and totally nostalgic!

    ps- i hate baked beans too.

  8. It saddens me that you hate Baked Beans Sal....I don't know if we can continue to be friends......
    Just kiddin' ya. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tinned spaghetti and that alphabet stuff ROCKS! You have totally redeemed yourself with the MoFo spellage.
    (And I really need to stop inventing words - it's not helping my scrabble addiction one iota.)

  9. Just read the comments and I am SHOCKED that there are so many Baked Bean haters out there!
    I need counselling.
    (rabbit hates them too)


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