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Friday 23 October 2009

Vegan MoFo: Friday night takeaway

Instead of the old grease-laden takeaway tonight, I thought I'd make my own chinese meal but with a few cheats.

Starting with a tin of granose mock duck. Which looks so gross out the tin, but drain it and bake for 15 minutes and it looks scarily like crispy duck.....

With some shop-bought hoisin (check the label for honey!!), cucumber and spring onions.

And I couldn't find the pancakes so I used iceberg leaves instead. I kind of prefer them anyway, gives nice crunch.

I had another go at making singapore noodles. I cheated and used straight to wok rice noodles (couldn't be arsed to wait 20 minutes for soaking the dried ones!). I stir fried some strips of tofu, red pepper, spring onion, carrot and a clove of garlic. Then threw in the noodles, some curry powder, extra turmeric and 5 spice (not authentic but I love it) and some ground ginger. I left out the chilli because my reflux has been playing up a bit today. Then just sploshed on some soy sauce and they were ready to go. And they were good too!!

Hurrah it's the weekend. Have a great one everybody!



  1. This looks sooo good. Yummy!

  2. superw00t for making yourself some tasty asian eatz. i looove the wraps and the mock does look crazy real. it does look tasty - and so do your singapore noodles, Sal! nice!

    hope you're having the most excellent weekend, too! yay!

  3. I LOVE that mock duck stuff it is delish. This whole meal looks amazing!

  4. Mmm... crispy 'duck'... mmm... hoisin sauce... I want chinese now!x

  5. I have a can of that mock duck in the pantry. It's been there for over a year because I've been scared of it! Thanks for the awesome idea! I have to make it now!!

  6. You take the fear factor out of granose mock duck - for that I thank-you!

  7. I'm also a bit scared of my can of mock duck... so it's actually yummy?

  8. That looks so fantastic! I have a tin of mock duck in the cupboard that I am hoping to make into something delicious! Previous experiences with it have been traumatic, but I didn't know about baking it all those long years ago so I am hopeful!

  9. well done... and I'm vaguely (read extremely) fearful of mock duck...does look rather crispy and delicious!


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