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Saturday 17 October 2009

Vegan MoFo: Weekend Foodz

Well Friday & Saturday's anyway. I forgot to take a pic of the dinner I made my friend and I last night. But I did get one of the leftovers that I had for lunch today. Tofu, bean and pepper enchiladas with spicy rice and guacamole.

I put one of my home-grown chillis in the enchiladas. These suckas are hot, I didn't even use half of it!!

And dessert was strawberry mousse. Basically a punnet of strawberries, whizzed up and seived and then blended with a package of firm silken tofu, vanilla extract and agave nectar. Not bad.

And then today's dinner - Mac N Cheeze. I made a noochy sauce and added some peas and sweetcorn added. Then I put some breadcrumbs and some strong cheddar sheese on top and grilled it for 5 minutes. It was pretty good and satisfied the craving.

I'm now off to channel surf. I finished season 4 of Gilmore Girls (in 2 days, I'm that sad) and now have nothing to watch. Rory & Dean, Lorelai & Luke - OMG - I need season 5!!! (PS: I know I'm like 5 years behind, but do not give me spoilers please - I don't want to know!!!)



  1. that's one gloriously good look'n enchilada, Sal - and that's one helluva hot pepper! who knew something so little & cute could put out so much heat. damn! your strawberry mousse looks so pretty & i love a good mac 'n cheeze - especially with the addition of peas. mmmmmm! also: i love your nails. they are just too awesome!

  2. I've never seen Gilmore Girls. Should I? You obviously love it and I need a new series to watch off tinternet.
    Your food looks scrummy. I've not made Mac and Cheese EVER - vegan or otherwise. I've been meaning to make the one from veg web that everyone was going crazy over. Mmmmmmm strawberries....

  3. They all look great. I am having mac and cheeze cravings right now. Damn you. ;)

    I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I have all the DVDs and recently marathoned it with my mother. Nothing sad about doing it in 2 days - I think that deserves a congratulations, actually. :)

  4. that is one monster enchilada! love the fact that its packing some heat!

  5. Mmm, that Mac N Cheeze looks so good! And I haven't watched Gilmore Girls in years, I am sure I've missed heaps!

  6. Mmmm enchiladas!! YUM!! Now I want one!

  7. ooh.. pretty nails... are these the ones that had that unfortunate breaking off experience??? :(

    (hehe... the good thing about reading posts backwards)


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