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Wednesday 3 November 2010

Vegan MoFo: Soup & my fancy, but not schmancy, new piece of equipment

Afternoon all, just a short and sweet one from me today. Well short and savoury actually!

I finally bought myself a food processor, I've wanted one forever and have been holding off because I wanted a fancy schmancy one. In the end I just went for a moderately fancy - no schmancy! It's a kenwood though so it's a good make and should do the job pretty well.

The first thing I did with it, was shred up a tonne of carrots, swede, onion and garlic to make this awesome soup! Soup is one of my favourite things to make any time of the year but especially at this time of year, when it's starting to get really cold.

This one was a pretty simple affair: onions, garlic, carrots, swede, barley, red lentils, yellow split peas, dried herbs and veggie stock. Simple but delicious!

I'm looking forward to thinking up more things to do with my new machine. Also, I haven't named him yet - any suggestions??

That's all for today, see you tomorrow MoFos!


  1. That soup looks great!

    You should shred lots of beets and potatoes! It's so much easier to make foods like latkes with a food processor.

  2. I love my food processor! I use it at least once a week, if not more.

  3. so awesome on your new fancy food processor, Sal! looks like he did a great job on helping you make your split pea soup. your soup looks most excellent, and i love soup this time o' year as well. cheap to make, warming, and deeeeelicious! i think you should name him burt. :)

  4. Brian. Brian the Food Processor.

    It took me a year of owning my food processor before I had the bravery to figure out how to use the shredder attachment. Yes, bravery. Machinery is scary. Anyway, since that fateful day (about three weeks ago), I've been in love! It's pretty much the best thing ever. And that soup looks so warm and comforting..

  5. Admittedly, I'm so lazy I would rather grate by hand that wash-up a food processor's bits so I hope it's easy to clean! That soup looks absolutely yum, though, I fancy some nice vegetable soup for tomorrow, methinks...

  6. Choppy? :D

    YAY! Congrats! I think you can make your own nut butters if it's big enough. I love homemade nut buttery goodness!

  7. Blenders are expensive here, even just crappy ones which is what I bought 2 years back and it lasted about a month!
    My mum gave me her Kenwood blender this year; she's had it about 17 years so it's in no way fancy or schmancy but you know what? It's still going like a trooper and it's just so nice to have a blender at long last that I just love it soooo much.
    Kenwood roolz.

  8. Oh and you HAVE to call him Ken or Kenny. Ya just gotsta!

  9. My food processor is definitely my favorite kitchen tool so YAY for getting one! It makes things so much easier.

  10. Awesome! I hate grating by hand, I always seem to lose a knuckle, but I don't have space for such a contraption in my kitchen :(

    I was going to suggest you call him Kenny, so I second what Treehugger said! (great minds think alike!).


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