Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vegan MoFo: Punk Rock Lentil Gravy!

I decided tonight to make the punk rock chickpea gravy for dinner, from VWAV. Only I forgot I didn't actually buy that can of chickpeas when I was in the supermarket, as I thought I'd cook up some dried ones instead. But as I forgot that too, I cooked some lentils and put those in instead.
Good choice, it was awesome. With sweet potato fries, roasted brussels and steamed sugar snaps.



  1. oooo, it kinda like a salisbury steak gravy. yum-o! plus lentils are freaking cheap and proteiny-full.

  2. sugar snap peas - i haven't had any in forever! that's awesome that you thought to use lentils in place of the chickers. i would have acquired a case of the "fuck its" and gone without gravy. oh yeah, might i add - brussels and sweet potato fries?! you're killing me, Sal! soooo yummmm!


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