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Sunday 28 November 2010

Vegan MoFo: Wagamamas

This weekend I stayed at my parents' house. After a cold trip out looking at a potential new car for my dad, we went for lunch at Wagamama's. I've been really excited about the fact that one has opened up in my town and couldn't wait to go.

Normally I have the Saien Soba, which is noodles in a vegetable soup with tofu and just swap the egg noodles for rice noodles or udon. But I decided to try something new this time, so I got the Cha Han, minus the egg.

Fried rice, tofu and sweetcorn, with a side of miso soup. I really liked that miso soup.

Up close!
You also get a side of pickles - which are really unusual and tasty.

The three of us shared a side of edamame beans, with chilli & garlic salt - my favourite side!

Overall, I prefer the Saien Soba, but as I'm going back on Weds for dinner and will be having it then, I'm glad I picked something different to try and it was really good!

I made it to 20 MoFo posts! Woot!



  1. well done to 20 posts!! i have had the exact meal at wagamamas before and i love the pickles the best and i ended up pouring the miso soup into the main meal lol!

  2. I quite enjoy Wagamamas - especially those pickles. I am in love with Japanese picked vegetables, and I'm always so sad that they come in such teeny tiny portions.

  3. I have to go 400 miles to get to our nearest Wagamamas and I won't be in the UK this Christmas so I won't get to go then either. Booo!
    Luckily my noodle bowls satisfy my Mamas craving and I got the endamame recipe of t'internet and make those as well. They are ridiculously easy.
    Well done on 20 posts!!!

  4. I never think of trying anything new when I go to Wagamamas but this looks scrumptious! My favourite is the Yasai Itame!


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