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Monday 28 September 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 - Day 28

"Taco Vs Burrito"

Taco. Taco wins hands-down, even though I love a burrito. The last ones we made were with crunchy taco shells, but I love a soft taco too.

This filling was made with tofurky spicy italian sausages and loads of veggies, beans and spices.

with some salad, salsa, grated violife cheese and soya yogurt filling in for the sour cream.

delightfully messy! 

Which did you go for?

Sal xXx


  1. I like the idea of including sausage. I love the Tofurky sausages I've tried so far.

  2. yum - crunchy tacos are such a classic here!

  3. Crunchy taco shells were always the way we had tacos when I was growing up. I really like them, until they shatter and I get filling everywhere and I start thinking 'why on earth did I have a crispy shell again?'. ;)

  4. This really looks yummy. I haven't had tacos in cripsy shells in over 20 years! I should make some.


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