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Saturday 5 September 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 - Day 5

"Best Sandwich Ever?"

Ohhhh this is hard. I love sandwiches. LOVE them and I've had some amazing ones over the years.

Like this Mac N Cheese Toasty that Jojo and I made during MoFo last year!

Or this piece of pure filth that was also a MoFo entry last year! Yes that is peanut butter and 'tuna' mayo/sweetcorn!

Or this beauty that I got in Chaostheorie in Berlin; a croissant filled with cheese and vegan salami and hot sauce!

This gooey, cheesey (daiya) meatball sub from the Spiral Diner in Dallas (awful pic, sorry!)

Then there's this filthy little number I got in Wetherspoons at Gatwick Airport - hash browns, mushrooms & ketchup!

At the moment though, toasties are my thing! My awesome boyfriend bought me a toastie maker as a present when he went away on a work trip and it gets pretty regular use in the Alien household!  

Some tips for the perfect toastie:

- Always butter both sides of the bread! 
- Don't overfill it or you'll just have a massive mess leaking out of your toastie maker.
- Experiment. Cheese and tomato is yummy but it gets old. 
- Leave a 1-2 cm border around the filling.
- Don't take it out too early; you want that crust to be crispy and awesome (and to make sure the filling is suitabley molten!)

Some ideas for fillings, if you're dirty like me!

- Cheese & tomato
- Cheese & onion (personally I think it's gross but Mr A is a fan!)
- Cheese & chilli tomato puree (a favourite)
- Cheese & peanut butter
- Cheese, peanut butter and jalapenos (oh yes!)
- Peanut butter & Jam or chocolate chips
- Cheese, linda mccartney sausages, tomato puree or ketchup (SO filthy!)
- Hummus & falafel.

Pretty much anything that you can squash in would be great. I once read of a lasagna toastie - I need to do this!! 

Here is my pic of a recent toastie, this had violife cheese, chilli tomato puree and redwoods cheatin' ham in it and it was rad!



  1. I thought the Mac n Cheese toastie from last Mofo might get a mention. Some great combo ideas here, especially like the sound of chocolate chips!

  2. That mac & cheese sammie will always be a winner in my eyes!

  3. Nothing compares with a good sandwich---mac and cheese toastie, what a revelation!

  4. I love jaffles! I made a mac and cheese one a while ago as well, which was great. Pretty much any sort of leftover or random combination of ingredients I have I am willing to cram in a jaffle. Though I really love baked bean jaffles.

  5. That croissant seems overwhelmingly good. OMG

  6. Way to go, Mr. Alien! Mr. Wing-It knows that any cooking gift is a good gift. We choose our men wisely! :)

    I could murder that croissant sandwich right now!

  7. Hahha your filthy sandwiches are the best!

  8. The pic of your most recent toastie has me drooling a bit, it looks so yummy. I agree with Rose too, the mac and cheese one is a revelation!


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