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Saturday 12 September 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 - Day 12

"Tell us about your favourite cookbook!"

I didn't even really have to think about this one. Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz is my favourite cookbook. Ever.

Everything I've made from it has been good, everything I've made has been easy and most recipes do not have any crazy ingredients that I would struggle to find in UK supermarkets.

I love that the nutritional information is right there for me to see. I have always struggled with my weight and I often switch between calorie counting and Slimming World's Extra Easy plan. This book is brilliant to help me with both of those!

My favourite recipe, the one I've made most from this book is the Portobello Pepper Steak Stew. I make it with fry's chunky strips for ease and it's soooo good. I know it by heart now, I've made it so often! Which is is why I'm surprised I've not got a photo of it! hmmm.

In fact, I really thought I would have more pictures 'on file' to share with you guys as I use this book a lot, but I don't, sadly. I will share the few I could find though.

Kidney Bean & Butternut Jamba Stew: I love this dish, it's super easy to throw together and it makes a LOT. The portions are really generous and I quite often split it into more portions than it says to.

Mushroom Paprikas and Scarlet Barley: This has reminded me I need to make this again! I made this for my mum and dad and we all loved it.

Red Thai Tofu: Another one that is super easy and really good (and HOT if you use the brand of curry paste I use).  I love this just with plain rice and some green veg, but here I served it with coconut rice and it was delicious.

This is another favourite of mine, the Arabian rice & lentil soup. I make this a lot and have used both red and brown lentils in it and both work. It's delicious. The first time I made it, I didn't add the lemon juice it called for. It just seemed weird (and I didn't have a lemon!). The next time though I added it and it really does make a HUGE difference. I never leave it out now, unless I am out of lemons, in which case I use a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar instead. 

I found another one I've made a couple of times too: the Kale & White Bean Quinoa Stew. I'm not Kale's biggest fan but it works well in this. This is another one that has pretty big portions sizes so I find I can usually stretch it out. Also it has potatoes in. Winning!  (It's normally more saucy than this but this is what freezing and reheating in the microwave does to it!)

What's your favourite recipe from this book? It could be one I've not tried yet!



  1. I'm a big Isa fan and have chosen Vegan With A Vengeance for mine but I love this one too. I've never made any of the things you've posted so it's great to see pictures of stuff. Things I've really enjoyed making from it are Cranberry Cashew Biryani, Ginger mashed Sweet Potatoes and Apples, Chickpea Piccata, Broiled Blackened Tofu and Tamarind BBQ Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes.

    1. ooh I've not made the biriyani yet (or the tempeh) but have been meaning to for ages as it sounds great.

  2. I've been reading your blog for years, this is my first time commenting! I made the forty cloves of garlic chickpeas and broccoli from Appetite for Reduction and it was amazing! I checked it out from the library and really enjoyed it.

    1. ah thank you and thanks for commenting. I haven't made that one yet - 40 cloves of garlic does scare me a bit! haha

  3. I've also chose appetite for reduction as one of my favourites on my post today, but the things I've made are completely different to yours! I'll have to try some of your suggestions.

  4. I'm a big fan of the kidney jamba stew and that soup but my faves are probably the mango bbq beans, the hoisin tofu lettuce cups and the mac and trees.

  5. I love this cookbook too! I love the caulipots (especially the cheesy ones), polenta stuffing, eggplant dengaku, five-spice squash, chimichurri tofu and so many more.

  6. Yep, that's a good one. I love how easy to find most of the ingredients are and how vegetable heavy it is. The caulipots are really good! I have not made the scarlet barley but it looks so beautiful! I'll need to try that one.

  7. AFR is actually a book that got me disappointed after the huge success Veganomicon had in my house. But now, I'm definitely going to try the Portobellow Stew.

    But I did really like the Caesar Salad with Eggplant Bacon, the Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach and the Curried Chickpeas & Greens. Have you tried those?

    1. I have not tried any of those I don't think. Possibly the curried chickpeas, but it's been a while if so. I like the idea of the pasta e fagioli though.


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