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Friday 11 September 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 - Day 11

"Focus on a nutrient"

For me this one is kind of a no-brainer: Iron.

There might be a bit TMI in this post, I will only put in what I have to though I promise! :)

I have always had dodgy iron levels, even before I was vegetarian. To be honest it wasn't something I really worried about, until I was going through some health problems a few years ago, and a blood test showed that my iron levels were dangerously low and I was anemic.

I was put on iron pills (and the pill to sort out lady problems which were contributing) and didn't really think of it again for a few years. Until I had an hormonal IUD fitted earlier this year (worst thing I ever did by the way!!) which made me bleed constantly for almost 3 months until I couldn't take that (and the horrific cramps) anymore and had it removed. Obviously losing this much blood made my old problem rear it's head and I was constantly exhausted and dizzy/headachey and felt generally like crap. The doc put me back on iron tablets and all seemed to get better for a while.

6 months later and the iron pills I was prescribed are long since finished and I was feeling dizzy again. So I had some more blood taken and it turns out, my iron levels are fine! They are normal (I think the dizziness was down to a particularly nasty cold/flu bug that went around a month or so ago).

So to keep on top of those pesky levels, I'm taking an Iron supplement that also has vitamin C in to help absorption (I take this one from Holland & Barrett). Also, I have smoothies most mornings for breakfast, now that I have my Nutribullet and I pack in a good healthy dose of spinach to them.

"This is my no makeup makeup look!"

Sometimes I'm prettier going in....

Than I am going out :o/

"I'm strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach" 
(you can thank me later for getting that one stuck in your head, if you're old enough to remember it that is!)

I drink ma smoothie from a mason jar, like a proper hipster!  (Holy shit, I look demented!)

There are loads of other vegan sources of Iron, a few of my faves are:
Blackstrap Molasses (I quite like a spoonful of this in warm soymilk, is that weird?)
Dark Leafy Greens

What's your favourite way to keep your iron intake up?



  1. Very similar story with me a few years ago with lady probs and getting severe anemia, horrible isn't it? I was really relieved to get diagnosed as I had no idea what was wrong with me and luckily the mega supplements worked quickly. I now take the pill continuously and a daily supplement and it manages to keep things level but still get tested every 6 months. I have also developed a bit of an obsession with eating leafy greens and I ust say I've noticed my fingernails have become mega strong and grow so quickly! I love the idea of the molasses in warm milk and am definitely going to try that.

  2. Ps - my doctor at the time really tried to convince me to have a hormonal IUD but after reading up about it and talking to a few friends I wasn't keen. A lot of people seem to have the experience with it you've described.

    1. Yeah seriously the doctors were pushing it at me and making it sound great. They had changed my pill too so I thought it couldn't be any worse. I was SO wrong.

      I know a lot people get on great with it, but unfortunately I'm just not one of them. It was a pretty miserable couple of months! Single hormone pills are the same for me too. Very glad to be back on the combined pill.

      I'm glad yours all seems to be worked out too! :) x

  3. When I first went vegetarian in primary school I became anaemic and ended up being an omni again. Thankfully when I went vegetarian again in high school, and vegan after that, there have been no more issues with iron. I am probably pretty lax about iron, to be honest, and just assume I get enough.
    Seems like blackstrap molasses is magic!
    A specialist spoke to me about a hormonal IUD earlier this year, but I decided not to. I am quite glad I did because while no doubt most people are fine with it, I have heard of several people who had bad experiences. And given my lady parts hate me, I can guess which group I would fall into. I'll stick with my beloved pill.

  4. I've heard lots of horror stories about IUDs. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with it! It looks like you've taken control of the situation and done so deliciously! We are lucky to have so many tasty vegan sources of iron! I have never had molasses in warm milk but it does sound good.

    You don't look demented! You look proud of your badass smoothie! :)


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