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Wednesday 22 October 2008

Vegan MoFo: I said, in these shoes? I don't think so!

I'm back from site and I'm done for the year - YYYYAAAAAYYYYYY! I must say though that when I was away, I had the best Indian meal I've ever had in a place called Zing. It was right opposite our hotel and I WISH I had taken my camera or even my phone to get some pics.

They didn't have the normal veggie options so I went for lemon & ginger rice, aubergine & sweetcorn curry and a chana (sp?) dahl (chickpeas!) with roti bread. It rocked so hard - I was wishing I wasn't so full so I could have eaten it all. So if you're ever in the Hammersmith area of London, get a bus or tube to Ravenscourt Park (one stop from Hammersmith) and go to Zing. It is pricey but soooo worth it.

Back to today though, as always, when I get back from site, I can't face anymore stodge and just want veggies. I was inspired by Jessy from happyveganface's veggie bowls post a wee while back cuz it just looked damn awesome.

My bowl had brown rice and some cucumber, it had VCon corn & edamame salad, spicy black beans and a carrot salad. The spicy black beans were based on Jessy's (as per the aforementioned post) but I didn't have chilli powder or cayenne pepper so I used chipolte paste and I also added some liquid smoke. The carrot salad was just a grated carrot dressed with a bit of raspberry vinegar, agave nectar, salt & pepper, some raisins and a pinch of caraway seeds.

It rocked.

Cooking to: Incubus - Light Grenades

Also, I got home to find my new shoes had arrived - which is what made me start singing Kirsty MacColl and inspired the thread title! (Fucking awesome song.) Here they are, I got them from - which is great because when you're looking for shoes you can select 'non leather' when you're searching!! Cute or what, I need to go out now to break these babies in!


  1. SHOES!
    Those shoes are to die for!!!!
    So yeah... glad you're all finished onsite...nice food....

  2. those are some sexy shoes!

    oh yeah, and that is some sexy looking food, tooooo!!! yum!

  3. What a yummy plate of healthy goodness!
    Awesome heels! Perfect for flirting with Mr. Hottie Mechanic! :)

  4. those shoes rock so hard!

    hooray for your last onsite, Sal! yay! that's pretty awesome that you had a tasty Indian place near the hotel - score! :)

    your veggie bowl looks mighty glorious! i'm gonna have to try some chipotle paste 'n liquid smoke - it sounds sooo tasty! i'm love'n the edmame & corn salad, too. aren't big bowls of tasty veg the best! hot damn!

  5. p.s. - and thanks for the shout out, Sal! you rock so hard! superdoublehappyface!


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