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Sunday 19 October 2008

Vegan MoFo: No Sleep 'til Breakfast!

I didn't sleep all that well last night, probably because I'm going onsite today (last lot of the year - wahoo!) but I soon got over the tiredness with an awesome brekkie.

Yesterday I made bagels! I followed this recipe exactly (although I think I might have forgotten the salt!) It was good but I might google around for a better one.

Last night, I also sliced some tofu up nice and thin and put it in some tempeh bacon marinade (from VWaV) overnight. I had to tweak it a bit because I didn't have everything so I subbed a mixture of apple juice and white vinegar for the cider and I added a tbsp of maple syrup too.

I was planning to have tofu bacon and tofutti cream cheese on my bagel but I was heartbroken to find mouldy tofutti in my fridge this morning! So I had a bit of mayo instead and it still rocked.

For lunch, I used up the leftover butter beans that I cooked yesterday for the Rock au Vin and made a delicious spread (recipe below). When I was making the bagels, instead of making 10, I made 6 and used the leftover dough to make some bread. I just flattened it out onto a baking sheet, spread on a bit of olive oil and sprinkled it with sea salt and thyme leaves. It's good but not really the right texture for bread - a bit too chewy.

But it was pretty damn tasty with the butter bean spread and some cucumber....

Butterbean spread
About 1 cup of cooked butter beans
A good glug (tbsp or so) olive oil
A heaped tsp of dijon mustard
A large pinch of black pepper
Some water

Put everything except the water into a processor and pulse. Add a tbsp or so of water at a time, scrape down and blitz until it is the texture you want.

I didn't add any salt because I cooked the beans in veggie stock so it was salty enough. If you use plain beans then add salt to taste.

I made ice cream too! Will post about that tomorrow from my shitty hotel room.


  1. The bread looks lovely - right texture or not.
    I haven't tried the Bacon marinade yet but I'm gonna! That Bagel looks to die for!

  2. your bagels look so awesome, Sal! i wish i had those for breakfast today. i had toast and brussel sprouts instead! tee hee! that's a good idea on making a bread with the leftover dough - sorry the texture was a bit off, it looks super scrumptious though! oh, and thanks for the butterbean spread recipe! dan and i looooove us some butterbeans, so the next time we cook some up we'll have to make this, fo 'sho! looking forward to your icecream post! and hooray for the last go on these onsites! i can imagine having to stay in a hotel so much isn't very fun. hang in there!

  3. can i just tell you how envious i am of your bagels? AND that bagel-bread? AND that spread!? you're awesome. I've been meaning to make my own bagels for months and keep putting it off...

  4. Sal the carb queen! I am at your service your majesty! :)
    The bagels look ri-di-cu-lous-ly-good!! The tofu bacon must be mine!
    YAY for an ice cream post! Boo for shitty hotel rooms!

  5. everything looks so good, especially the bean spread squigging out of the sammie.

  6. The bean spread looks so creamy! Maybe I can use that half the time rather than support my insane Vegenaise habit. Oy.

  7. mmm... bagels! bread!! butterbeans!!

    that butterbean spread looks amazing!


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