Monday, 27 October 2008

Vegan MoFo: What do you do if you see a space man?....

... park in it man!

Rubbish joke courtesy of my R.E teacher when I was 16!

I had a day off today and spent most of it cleaning the flat. It's amazing how long it takes to clean such a small flat! But also tidied up my little area where I have had to start storing stuff. I need this space because as you can see, my 2 teeny cupboards are rammed full:

I should add that I am the only person I know who frequently gets hit on the head by falling spice bottles / nooch tins / cans of veggies! Everyone else I know has very sad, empty looking cupboards. Happiness is a rammed cupboard / fridge in my opinion.

So anyway, there is no room for any more bags of stuff so I bought some storage jars for my little area behind the dining table. The spirally long one is now holding wholewheat spaghetti......

......but used to hold my hair straighteners - I knew I'd never be disciplined enough to put them away after I use them so I found a better use for the box.

But that still isn't enough room for all my crap, so I had to line up the 'essentials' behind the cooker:

Extreme close up....
Since seeing into everyone's freezers was so much fun, I want to see your cupboards too - so I think everyone needs to take pics and post them so I can be nosey!! :)
Onto more interesting stuff - today's food. I had banana wholewheat pancakes, drowned in maple syrup, for brekkie (love days off!) - I haven't got this quite right yet but promise to post the recipe when I do.

For dinner I had to ransack the fridge because I don't have much in until I get to the supermarket tomorrow. I had some leftover blended tomatoes from yesterday's dinner so I made a quick pilaff. It was going to be a quinoa pilaff but I searched and searched and couldn't find any so basmati it was instead.
I baked some tofu with a mustard / agave glaze on. I overcooked it though so it was a bit dry and chewy but the flavour was pretty nice. Needs work but I think it'll be pretty easy to fix so I can post the recipe.

Cooking to: my "mullet rock" playlist!


  1. Teehee, park in it man.
    Your cupboards are packed full of stuff! You should wear a helmet in the kitchen to avoid getting hit by all those flying spice jars. You will be safer and you would be cooking in style! You could always add a cape and make it an outfit! :P
    That tofu dish looks super fab!

  2. I sympathize with the full cupboards. I've just forced myself to start using the stuff in there to try and regain control. I can fill it up again but a bit more orderly and in proper containers.

    Is that an Animal mug I spy? way too cute.

  3. Hahahahahaha - I LOVE that joke. That's gonna be my joke of the week.
    I also have jam packed cupboards and things regularly fall on top of me. The last offender was a tin of Paprika that hit the floor and of course the lid came off. I was bare footed at the time and ended up with a red foot. It was kinda cool.
    I LOVE you spiral Spaghetti jar!! And it matches the straighteners.LOL!

  4. your kitchen is crammed full of awesome stuff, Sal! i'm with you - a crammed kitchen is a happy kitchen, fo 'sho! i love your jars of tvp and such, and that's brilliant on the pasta holder! wheeeeeeeeee!

    you make some seriously scrumptios pilafs, i need to try my hand at making one some day! the pancakes look rock'n, too! whole wheat + bananas - i hope to see the recipe soon! i would make those every day! mmmmmmmmm!

    p.s. - i see that Frank's hot sauce! it's my absolute fav! my life wouldn't be the same without Franks! ahahahaa! yay!

  5. oooh I spied the Animal mug too! He is my favorite!!! I too have jam packed cupboards and routinely get bonked with something falling (usually from someone else not putting it back in it's spot!) I need a pantry badly!

  6. the food looks good, but i'm really coveting your animal coffee mug. i'll add you to my roll, yo.

  7. There’s always a lot of love for Animal – that mug features here often! I love that damn mug, it was my dad’s and it’s older than me!! 


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