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Wednesday 15 October 2008

Vegan MoFo: Leftover Lovelies

Today was a good day! I woke up in my own bed and had a lie in (well compared to the past week anyway). I had a lovely long hot shower and actually still had time for some breakfast before going to work. I came home at lunchtime and had an AWESOME sandwich and then on the way home when I was filling up Jeff* at the petrol station, a smokin hottie in dirty mechanic's overalls (rawrrr!) gave me the flirtiest cheekiest grin ever. I even did that thing where you look around to see who they're flirting with - definitely me!

This was lunch - one of the amazing pittas I brought back from cyprus (I froze them as I couldn't bear to see them go to waste!), toasted with the left over tofu from yesterday, cucumber, tomato and some vegan mayo mixed with some chipolte paste. It rocked my fuckin socks off!

Dinner had to be quick, because I went food shopping after work and by the time I got home I was hank bloody marvin! Luckily, I can't bear to throw things away, so I had some cooked brown rice left over from yesterday and I just cooked it up with some mushrooms, yellow pepper, a couple of tomatoes, peas, a big glob of peri peri sauce, nooch and lots of salt & pepper. It was awesome.

Oh and look at this... bag for life - my arse!

Cooking to: Kings of Leon - Only by the Night (I can't tell you how much I'm LOVING Sex on Fire and the rest of the album is ace too! Buy it, buy it now!)

OK and I was tagged by Bex - which means I now have to show you my messy old vegan freezer! The madness was originally started by Billy.

And also I have to tag 5 other vegan bloggeres, so I'm tagging:

Jeni from Heathen Vegan
Allularpunk from Awesome.Vegan.Rad
Jessy from Happyveganface
River from Wing it Vegan
Lisa from Cravin' Veggies

Stuffed full.....The moderately healthy drawer: frozen veg and some skanky fruit lollies - that I love!
The leftover drawer - soup, tagine, pasta bake and some frozen breads
The shit drawer! Puff pastry, chocolate and superskank veggie burgers!
The odds & ends drawer - tofu, frozen spinach, leftover cupcake frosting, ice and the bowl from my ice cream maker, which can only mean one thing - I'm making ice cream this weekend: watch this space!

*Jeff is not some poor random dude that I torture by sticking a petrol pump down his gob and pumping him full of unleaded, he is my car!


  1. I LOVE Sex on Fire!
    Haven't heard the rest of the album yet.
    Thanks for tagging me (I think)

  2. your freezer is waaaaaay more organized than mine, Sal! mine kinda looks like shit. you better believe i'm totally going to clean it up tonight before i take pictures of it! ahahahahaaa!

    that's too funny that you named your car Jeff. i quite like it. me, i'm not that original. my car's name is blue, 'cause it's blue. i also have a cat named Cat - 'cause she's a cat. thank holy batman i don't have children because they would have the worst names ever. but anyways...

    your pita looks like the most rock'n pita - i loooooove the chipotle mayo idea, freak'n brilliant! the rice dish looks slam'n, too!

    hooray for being home again! there's nothing quite as awesome as getting to sleep in your own bed! oh, and sadface on the hole in your bag! that stinks!

  3. Your freezer is awesome! Mine is so tiny & cramped--I never even know what's in there half the time. :oP

    Your brown rice looks delightful...

  4. I like Kings of Leon, too! Also, tons of food.

  5. I want your freezer! And all the food you have in it! Thanks for tagging me!! :)
    Are you going back for more flirting with Mr. Dirty Mechanic's Overalls Hottie?

  6. Ah, I can't wait to hear the new Kings of Leon!

  7. Your freezer is more interesting than American freezers! I just see the usual suspects 'round here, but with yours I get to see new products!

  8. I have freezer-envy, yours is ENORMOUS! And that rice dish looks delicious - one question, where do you get chipotle paste from?

  9. DJ - I guess that's one perk of renting somewhere with white goods included - big freezer!!

    I got the chipolte paste from the supermarket, probably Morrisons knowing me, possibly Tesco. If you have a look where they have all the different 'cuisines' (!!) you'll probably find it with all the taco / fajita crap. Mine is Discovery brand - it rocks.

  10. Hey! I have the same KA ice cream maker in my freezer! :)

  11. cool! your food looks awesome as always. and when i get home i'll do this meme. but my freezer is sadly like 1/4 the size of yours, so you may be disappointed, haha...


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