Friday, 31 October 2008

Vegan MoFo - Halloween

OK so it turns out that I SUCK at decorating cookies! I had plans make something similar to the awesome River's pumpkin cookies, I bought a pumpkin cookie cutter and everything - but they still look like they have been up all night on the Special Brew!!

I did two with all chocolate icing but they looked so pants that I started to cheat and use chocolate chips for the eyes and nose. Also, despite putting a buttload of orange food colouring in the cookie dough, they are still just a very pale peach!

I attempted some chocolate ones but they failed even more spectacularly, because I ran out of a few things and had to improv! But on the upside I think that the chocolate dough I made will become part of a future recipe - I have an idea for it!

Gah, ah well, they taste nice which is what matters - right?

Happy Halloween everyone!
And goodbye MoFo!


  1. You don't suck at all! These are beautifully decorated and I'd love to have a bite. Happy Halloween!

  2. they don't suck!they look scrumdiddlyumptiously delicious!

  3. i think they looks super rad! i want to put all of them into my tummy and happy & full of pumpkin cookie awesomeness!

    happy halloween to you too, Sal! rock on! :D

  4. They're not sucky at all - they're really cool!
    Happy Halloween

  5. YAY for Halloween cookies! I love them! You need to start wearing glasses woman, those cookies look amazing and totally adorable!!
    Thanks for the shoutout! Happy Halloween!! :)

  6. i realized today i lost my pumpkin cookie cutter. :( those are cute! not sucky at all.

  7. Those are cute! They look very perplexed.

  8. I love your pumpkin head cookies!

    And I'm glad you got the Spaced reference straight off, I love that episode too, but who am I kidding, I love them all!

    "Bye Twist!"

  9. they don't suck, they're super cute. I picked up a pumpkin cookie cutter for thanksgiving cookies (along with a leaf for a autumn theme) but I'm a little afraid to use it since I am super crap at decorating.


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