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Friday 12 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 12: I'm Souper, thanks for asking

Happy Friday peeps.  I can't believe we're almost half way through MoFo - it's bananas!
Yes yes, I'm aware that I'm HILarious!  But enough of my razor sharp wit, onto the food.  I spent AGES yesterday looking through cook books and trying to work out something rad for dinner and in the end I decided just to wing something quick out of the contents of my fridge.  I had less than half a tin of chickpeas left that I opened to make the chickpea cutlets, so I smushed 'em up with some vegan mayo, some nori flakes and some sweetcorn to make a faux tuna salad. I stuffed it into a roll and put a tonne of vegan cheese on top for a riff of a tuna melt.
Cheesy goodness before being blasted under a hot grill.  I used Tesco's red cheddar, which I surprisingly like. I say surprisingly cuz I always thought Sheese, which this basically is, tasted like butt.
Melty Goodness!
There was so much filling it was bustin out!
To go with it I made a really easy soup by just sauteeing a clove of garlic and a shallot in a teeny bit of oil, then chucking in a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a cup of basmati rice, some dried thyme and some veggie stock.  I cooked it for 15 minutes and added some sriracha so it was good and spicy, et voila!  Easy as pants and plenty of leftovers for lunch today.
I'm leaving to go onsite for work today, so I'm not sure how good internet access will be, but so far I'm still planning to blog every day.  Food onsite is SUPER exciting*, so I bet you guys can't wait for that!
(* = shite!)
Have a good weekend all and think of me walking round yawning and pretending caravans are really interesting, while you're enjoying yourselves! ;o)


  1. Hey, that looks like a mighty good meal!

  2. You're so hilarious Sal! I don't know how you manage it! That sandwich looks insane, it makes me sad that Sheese have only released their amazing melty version through Tesco though!


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