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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 16: Pizza of Sadness

I mentioned in my previous posts that when I'm onsite for work, I have to take provisions.  But there's only so many pot noodles a girl can take before she needs actual food.  So on Sunday night we decided to book a table in the hotel restaurant.  Premier Inn is really not that veggie friendly, although they do have soy milk in the mornings if you ask for it!
There are 2 things on the menu (main dishes) that are veggie; a pie that has cheese baked into and a pasta dish that has pesto and parmesan shavings.  So I asked what could be made vegan and the waitress looked terrified, like I'd just threatened to batter her puppy.  I suggested maybe they could do the pasta with a different sauce instead of pesto and off she went to ask.  They can't do this, it's cooked in it (ie, it's frozen and they microwave it!)  The following conversation was one of the most painful ordering experiences of my life which consisted of her asking me what I want(!!) and me trying to explain that I'm not sure because I have no idea what they have in the kitchen as everything seems to be pre-made!  After no suggestions were forthcoming, I asked if the pizzas were fresh and could they be made without cheese, they could so I went with that.  I looked on the list of toppings and the only veggie thing on there was mushrooms.  So yeah I wasn't that hopeful.  I told her just put whatever veggies they had on there.
This is what I got, tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms and ... tomatoes.  I can't lie, it wasn't that bad and it filled me up, but it was pretty sad.  Tonight I am looking forward to making actual food!
Here it is in all it's glory? sadness
And in case you ever find yourself stuck at the NEC in Birmingham and need some food; look in one of the restaurants inside the hall!  There is subway (if you want veggies and nothing else), there's a couple of Wetherspoons pubs if they're open and there's starbucks if you want a latte.  But as Starbucks don't do their vegan sandwich anymore you need to go inside the halls for a vegan sarnie.  The NEC caterers do a hummus and veggie sandwich that's vegan.  I know, not that exciting but it's actually not bad for NEC food.  After 3 days though I gave up and had chips! haha



  1. Girl, I feel your pain. This kind of thing is why I don't even bother with restaurants that aren't specifically vegan friendly. I know you were sort of stuck by circumstance though, and we all end up there eventually.

  2. That is a sorry looking pizza right there. No peppers, olives, or any other veggies in the kitchen? Lame!

  3. I know. I don't think they have actual food in the kitchen, just pre-prepared stuff that they heat up!!

  4. I'm feeling your pain here - sometimes the 'what do you want, freaky vegan?' 'how do I know, what have you got?' back and forth is enough to bring on a migraine...

  5. Way too much tomato sauce, if you ask me. That stuff looks soggy. But better than nothing, eh?

  6. Hi there, fellow vegan - nice to read about your exploits. We usually only eat at home, but we are venturing out into the big wide world of premier inn - through no fault of our own - soon - presumably we shall be losing weight!

  7. Venturing out to Premier Inn, through no fault of our own, we rarely eat out - presumably we will be hungry and losing weight?!?


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