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Friday 5 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 5 - Hot Stuff

Morning all. Well, TGIF - that's all I can say!
So I went out for dinner last night with two of my besties.  I am not fortunate to live in a town that has great veggie places, it's mainly chain restaurants and pubs.  Pubs are pretty much a no-go but most of the chain restaurants in town have options. Wagamamas is the most vegan friendly so that's where we went.
I pretty much always have the same thing at Waggas (Saien Soba) and so I decided to go for something else and I picked the Yasai Chilli Men.  It is basically a stir fry of tofu, onions, mange tout, mushrooms & courgettes in a spicy chilli sauce, served over noodles.  It wasn't as hot as I was expecting it to be but it was a nice change to my usual.

I also went for my usual side dish of edamame with chilli & garlic salt.  I love these things.



  1. It's great that there's at least one chain you can go to. We have Waga's here but I don't think I've ever been - I will have to check it out

  2. I haven't been to Wagamama for ages, apparently they have sushi now!

  3. Looks messy in a good way. We don't live somewhere veggie friendly either - pizza without cheese is as good as it gets!

  4. Wagamama's is my favourite EVER!
    I always have the yasai itame. It's the FREAKING BOMB!
    I make the edamame at home quite a lot.

  5. Yum!! LOVE edamame... I could eat buckets of those salty little suckers!

  6. I adore those edamame beans at Wagamamas :) Sometimes familiarity really is best when you want vegan food.

  7. That edamame looks so good!

  8. I have a friend who is vaguely in love with Wagamamas and every time we meet up she makes me go there! Anything vegan is good there, as long as there's some miso on the side!


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